If you’re used to seeing this post load up at 6-something in the morning, I have bad news for you. It ain’t gonna happen. Why? Because it’s 10:15 and I’ve been watching Sons of Anarchy and thinking that I would make an amazing Gemma. And that I’m 15 minutes late to bed.the weird things that go thru my head

Which leads me into today’s post about some of the random crap that runs thru my head. Shoot… even I don’t know understand half the crap that rattles thru my head. Just like what I just said about Gemma.

The Pats Balls – Is anyone else really tired of hearing the words “balls” “patriots” and “deflategate”? I think the newscasters are secretly getting their jollys in being able to say “balls” so much. Kind of like a 6-year-old who says “damn” for the first time. And the puns and jokes? They’ll go on for years. Decades. Our grandkids are still going to be talking about the Pats balls.

Super Bowl Ads – Used to be the ONLY reason to many of us watched the Super Bowl was for the commercials (and the food.. don’t lie). But now that the commercials are released early, what’s the point? And it’s not like their exclusively JUST for that day anymore. So if you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen eating.

NoMore.org – If I never see these commercials again, it will be too soon. I hate them and think they’re more of a slap in the face to domestic abuse victims than helpful. And judging from the comments I got when I made the same observation on Facebook, I’m not the only one. The NFL needs to stop trying to prove that they care about women and women’s issues (hello going pink for an entire month?!) and focus on what they DO know. Cheating. Oh and call Gini.. she’ll set you and your constant PR nightmare straight.

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80’s Music – How do you think we transitioned from 70’s disco-themed, weed-inspired, porn soundtracks (you know the ones I mean, like those you hear on https://www.watchmygf.sex/) into hyperactive, electric, synthesized pop music? I mean… all the other decades seem to have a logical progression but the 80’s? Not so much.

Early Morning Calls – Our middle school starts at the butt-crack of dawn and when I’m taking the 2 in at 7am, I kid you not I will see 50% of the people on the phone. Talking. Who are these people talking to? I can barely summon up the interest in having a phone conversation at 9am but 7?? Fuhhgettaboutit.

That’s it. Those were some of the random, pressing questions and thoughts that I had this week.

Hhhmmmm… guess there was a little bit of an NFL theme there, huh?