I’m so behind this week with getting posts done the night before, so I’m actually sitting here at 8:05 this morning and guess who just left to do their driver’s test? The marvelous Mackenzie!! She’s spent the past year and a half practicing and I hope that she’s one of the lucky few who nail it on their first try.  A lot of parents dread the day that their teen gets a driver’s license, but not me.. I’ve got 5 very good reasons why I will be glad to have a teen driver in the house!!

the advantages of having a teen driver

1) I don’t set the curfew – In NC for the first 6 months, you can’t drive past 9:00 pm and every parent and teen knows that the “good stuff” doesn’t happen until 10:00. Now that she’s driving, her cute little tail will be plopped right back in my house by 9:00. So if I know that a particularly big, juicy party is about to go down, I can confidently hand over the keys and say “have a great time! see you at 9!!” without being the Bad Mom!

2) C’s or better – From what I’ve been told (but I’ve heard so many different stories), the state of NC will only let you keep your license if your grades are C or better. Double-fricking-w00t!! Again.. no longer do I have to be the enforcer of good grades and dubbed the Bad Mom.

3) Errands! – Remember when you got your license? You looked for any excuse to drive. As a person who commutes over 350 miles a week, by the time Friday rolls around, the last thing I want to do is drive. As a matter of fact, I would be happy as a lark if I could park on Friday and not drive again until Monday. Now I have an errand girl. A gopher girl. A Suzy-checkout girl. Forget the sugar? Send her on to the Teeter. Little sister needs to go on a playdate? Have Kenzie take you. Want to go to the mall? Be back by 9.

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4) Wheels = Freedom.. & a Job – We’ve been discussing jobs for a while now and I’m super proud of the fact that she’s already put in a few applications. Before the driver’s license she was limited to what would fit in our schedule but with a license, the options opens up a bit more for her because you know….

5) Life is expensive – Finally the chance to let it start registering how expensive life is. The rules haven’t been established yet, but I have no plan on paying for “cruising gas”. (Remember cruising?? Our preferred track in the 80’s was High Point Road and Battleground.) The one thing that HAS been discussed is that if there is a ticket, she will be paying her part of the insurance. I was somewhat pleasantly surprised to see that our insurance isn’t going up as much as I thought it would, but it’s still more than we’re paying now. A lot more. Suddenly she’ll understand why her friends who already drive look for a little cash when they cart her and her friends around. Gas ain’t cheap and neither is life.

Getting your license is possibly one of the biggest steps into independence and freedom. And while part of me is sad that she’s getting her license, I’m happy for her to continue her path of independence and blossoming.

God speed sweet girl 🙂