It’s raining here and I’m not sure about you, but between the post-sugar crash from Halloween and just an over all busySomedays you just need a mental day from work and life. Here are 7 excuses that no one will question!
weekend, I’ve been eyeing my bed all day. Now that I’m snuggled up in it watching The Good Wife (OMG can we talk about Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the cast this year?!), I’m rememberingĀ the days that it was so much easier to blow off work and life in general… way back before we had kids or had other responsibilities like mortgages and car payments.

So does calling out to your boss (even if they are 5) seem like a good way to start your week but you can’t come up with a solid reason? Choose one of these… shoot.. bookmark it and the next time you need a mental day, come back and pick another! Just don’t hate on me if you jinx yourself…

  1. Halloween Hangover – NotĀ that kind of hangover. Unless you really did party like you were 22 and are still recovering because while you can party like you’re 22, you sure as hell can’t recover like you are.
  2. Anything Gastro Related – No one wants to think about another person’s belly or butt issues. And they surely don’t want to risk getting whatever it is that you have.
  3. Oral Objection – So you snuck into your kid’s candy stash and now you just chipped a tooth on that hard piece of candy. Way to be discreet, Mom. If you don’t want to go that far and have to explain why your teeth look the same as they did on Friday, an abscessed tooth should do it.
  4. Plumbing Issues – Kids will flush anything down the toilet… so will teens. And who hasn’t been there with a mop, a bucket, and a shop-vac?
  5. Migraines or Sinus Issues – Thank the Lord the only time I had migraines it was when I was pregnant with Sydney but it was enough to make me wish for them to never return. I’m sure your boss will agree.
  6. Flu Shot Reaction – It’s the time of the year when we’re all getting flu shots and it’s not uncommon to have an adverse reaction to it.
  7. Blame the Kids – Hey.. you have them, use them. I mean, what kid isn’t a walking petri dish this time of the year?
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The one thing that I learned early on in my days of working is that if you’re going to call in sick, it’s always much more effective if you do it from your bed, under the covers. Works like a charm every time.

What’s been your best mental day excuse?