Had a great evening tonight.. youth group with Mackenzie to hear about their new Journey to Adulthood program and then a quick little meet up (tweet up) with the team from the Aha Moment tour and a few of my favorite networking friends – Susan, Kim, Danielle and Brandon.  It was great to hear the "Aha Moment" teams stories of the travels they've had and the people they've met so far in the Aha Moment Tour.  We gave them insight as to which restaurants not to miss (Sweet Potatoes, MOC) and that they HAD to make a stop at the Twin City RibFest – not  only for the amazing food but the amazing people watching that they'll find.AHAppy Hour 

Nice to have the junior networker on hand to take the group shot.. the lighting was less than desired, but Ben had his professional camera and let Mackenzie use it (thanks, Ben.. she was thrilled with that!) to take a better shot. 

Looking forward to seeing the crew again when I tape my Aha Moment..although I'm still debating back and forth which one of my many turns in life will be THE one to make it to the taping.  I'm also looking forward to hearing all of my friends moments as they all have such unique and amazing backgrounds – believe it or not… I feel like I pale in comarison to many of them and the experiences that they've shared with me. 🙂

Thanks Mutual of Omaha for putting your Aha Moment on tour, stopping in Winston-Salem and putting together such a great team in Natalie, Ben and Jess .. can't wait!