Well it’s finally here… vacation!!! We started talking about this earlier in the year and decided that there was NO way we were not going to the beach this summer. We have not had a family vacation in

This popped up on my friend Bonnie's page while she was at the beach this week. It was destined to be here!

This popped up on my friend Bonnie’s page while she was at the beach this week. It was destined to be here!

over TWO years.

That’s too long, friends.

So the Rooster, the Bestie, the Bestie’s Hubs, FIVE girls, and I are heading down to the beach today. It’s going to be a wild, full house for 7 days! It should be lovely, there’s nothing quite like a beach getaway every once in a while. The beach is lovely and it should be nice to get in the water. Swimming at the beach is always fun, especially when you have your friends with you. However, when it came to packing a bag, I was struggling to find beachwear. Luckily, my best friend was able to recommend that I had a look on https://thehermoza.com/collections/sculpt to see if they had any swimwear that I wanted to wear. Eventually, I was able to pack my bag and now we’re all ready to go to the beach!

I’m planning on doing a lot of resting, reading, and writing but not necessarily “live” writing… I really, really need to disconnect – at least by 75%. I’ll be posting on some of my social media accounts but am planning on spending this time recharging and reconnecting with the people who know me, love me and stick around no matter what crazy things I do!

But I couldn’t leave you guys hanging, so I called in a few friends to pick up my slack while I’m gone! I always love introducing you to new bloggers that you may not be aware of and this week is no exception! Get ready for some great posts from friends like:

  • Teddy Burriss from NCWiseman… Teddy is the dad to four daughters and a few grandbabies.. he’s got stories and kred!!
  • The Dose Girls!! If you don’t know them, let me just say – you are in for one helluva treat!
  • Dorien Morin-van Dam – Dorien is a fellow social media agency owner who has her own brood. And she wears these wicked-awesome orange glasses. Love.
  • Heather Stafford – Heather has an amazing crafting boutique and if you’re looking for great Pinterest-inspired gifts, look no further.

I have a couple of posts that I will be doing while I’m down there, but they’re surprises!

Until I get back – hope you all have a great week or so and make sure you give these amazing friends some comment love and check out their sites!