But fellas, before you do, please make sure she’s going to say yes. And if you’re not 110% sure, then PLEASE don’t do it on National TV.  I felt so sorry for this guy when I saw this video today… I think the roaming emcee did a pretty good job at covering up but man! the girl could have said yes and then taken it back later.


When the Rooster proposed to me, he set me up in the most romantic way possible. He pissed me off.

Seriously. He called me at the office and told me that one of his friends had a layover at the Greensboro airport and that he really wanted me to meet her. The catch was that her flight was landing in 30 minutes so I needed to hurry and get out there. I tried to talk my way out of it.. “I’m glad you want me to meet her but there is no way I can make it from here to there in that amount of time.. I have to pick up M from the sitter.. “. Then he got snippy with me and pulled the “I would do it for you” card. I argued a little bit more and finally said “fine, screw it.. I’ll be right there.. right at your beck and call”.

I was so ticked off..my office was as far from the airport as it could be.. it wasn’t like she was going to be there for very long and why the hell did she want to meet me? I was so hot that I never stopped to consider that it’s GREENSBORO.. there are no layovers in Greensboro. You have to leave Greensboro to get a layover.

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So I get to the airport, storm inside, stalk down the walkway (this was pre 9-11 when you could just walk up to the gates), looking for this happy reunion at Gate 42 and I see him standing there with our 1 year old but no friend. Now I’m confused AND pissed off.

“Why are you here with M and where’s Kelly?”

And that’s when he whips out the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen and asks me to marry him in front of an airport full of people, in front of the gate where we had shared our first kiss. He was SO nervous and SO cute that I couldn’t help but forgive him and say “yes”.

My point to the story is that the Rooster knew that I would say yes or he would have never asked me in the first place.

Did I mention how bad I felt for this guy at UCLA?!


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