Is there anything better than a good beer can chicken from the grill? Slowly cooked and full of flavor? I’d argue that the only thing better is a perfectly grilled steak but now we’re talking apples and oranges (or steak and chicken…).

Beer can chicken is such a simple dish to make… all you need is a good rub, a can of beer and a couple of hours to let it cook on the grill. Add some sides and you’ve got yourself a full meal. The challenge can come when you’re trying to find the right tool that will support the chicken in an upright manner and allow for the beer to steam the flavor in. I’ve tried a few different ones over the years but none seemed to be THE one.

Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack & Vegetable Spikes

Cave Tool’s Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack & Vegetable Spikes

When asked to try out Cave Tool’s Beer Can Chicken rack, I was confident that it would be another great product from them. These guys know their way around grilling tools! What I love about this rack is that the liquid container was removable which means you’re not limited to a “can” per se. For this recipe, we actually went with a citrus rub and sprite instead of beer. Have a bottle of beer you want to use instead of a can? No problem! Just screw off the top and put it in.Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack & Vegetable Spikes

I also liked the vegetable spikes which we grilled corn on (note to self: give more time on the grill for the corn…). The base of it is sturdy and can easily hold the biggest clucker you can put on it and deep enough to handle all the juices that come out during the process which makes for a super easy cleanup.

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Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack & Vegetable Spikes

Beer Can Chicken Rack features:

  • Beer Can Chicken Works in the Oven or on The Barbecue – Includes 4 Vegetable Spikes for Grilling Potatoes and Corn on the Side
  • Unlimited Recipes at Your Disposal – Stainless Steel Canister can be used for Beer, Wine, Cider, and any other liquid or herb combination you can think up
  • Extra Deep Drip Tray Never Overflows With Grease – Entire Grilling Set is 100% Dishwasher Safe for Easy Cleanup

Having a rack that will work in the oven is a great added bonus which, if you’re a light weight like me, allows you to have beer can chicken in the winter. And looking at the final product from our ‘taste test’, who wouldn’t want some of that?

Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack & Vegetable Spikes

Want you own Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack & Vegetable Spikes from Cave Tools? You can get 15% off yours just by using the code BEERCAN15 at checkout! If you get one, you’ll have to share your favorite recipe with me because I foresee this tool getting plenty of use in our house!


Disclaimer – I received the Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine 🙂