Taking Advantage of the Rare Family Downtime

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In case you haven’t checked the calendar, it’s November. There are only (barely) 2 months left in 2016 which personally, has me scratching my head wondering how that happened. Every year I think “this” is the year that things will finally slow down and every year, that comment just laughs a hearty laugh in my face. And I know that…

Best Halloween Movies You Can Watch on Netflix

What are the Best Halloween Movies You Can Watch on Netflix?

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Halloween Movies on Netflix We’ve already determined that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and to keep rolling with that theme, I’m digging deep into the Netflix coffers to give you my favorite Halloween movies that you can queue up tonight and get your spook on!! Some are suitable for viewing with the littles while others you’ll probably want…


What Can You Watch if There’s No Football On?

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5 Netflix Shows to Make Your Football Lover Happy Oh, Fall. How I love thee. How can I not? It’s the season that was created for Gingers… the colors were made for us and the cooler weather means our fair skin can stay outside longer than 5 minutes at a time. My boots get dusted off, polished up and slowly…


McDonald’s New Philosophy: The Simpler The Better

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Earlier this year, I was invited to taste test the then-new Breakfast All Day options that McDonald’s was rolling out. Other local bloggers and our families got to experience having McDonald’s breakfast for dinner!! How awesome is that? This month, a few of us gathered again to try something new — the all new McNugget that McDonald’s has rolled out!!…

Netflix shows you can binge watch with the whole family!

Binge Watching: It’s Not Just for the Adults!

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Family Friendly Binge Watching Shows on Netflix! Summer is coming to a close and before you know it (or some you already do!!) we’ll all be back in the early morning routine, packing lunches and checking homework. For now, though, we’re hanging on to the last days of Summer 2016 – overnight camps are done, vacation pictures have been printed…


Belly Up for Some Sweet Treats and Smokin’ Eats

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Two Great Eats in the Twin City! I love to eat year round but there is something about the food in the summer that makes it especially more enjoyable. Perhaps it’s the availability of fresh, local produce that makes the farm-to-table experience even more flavorful or maybe it’s the fact that the days are longer and if it’s not the…

Which cocktail pairs best with your favorite Netflix show?

The Best Drink to Pair With Your Favorite Netflix Show

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Want to Sip While You Binge? It’s Friday night and you’ve had a long week at work. All you want to do is go home, put on your favorite yoga pants and get horizontal on your sofa and binge watch some Netflix. I’m with you, friends. Nothing makes your day a little less hectic than a good night of Netflix….

Orange is the New Black returns June 17th

It’s Time! It’s Time!! The Wait for Orange is OVER!!

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Orange is the New Black Returns June 17th Okay. Yeah I’m just a little bit excited that Orange is the New Black premiers with 13 new episodes this week. And even though I’ve already seen the first 6 episodes, I’m embargoed from saying anything to anyone until Friday so what good does it do me if I can’t dish about…


Sydney’s Spot – Reviewing Breakfast with Neruda

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Now – to start off I’d like to say I don’t exactly enjoy romance novels. I really don’t. Most are cliché and follow a similar structure. (However, I do like books with romance that isn’t the main plot.) But as I read Breakfast with Neruda, I actually really liked it. And no I’m not just saying that to say it,…

If you're trying to figure out how to handle some of the awkward conversations that you may have to have with your kids? Believe it or not, Netflix may be able to help!

How to Handle an Awkward Talk with Your Kids

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Tips to Talk to Your Kids in a Way They Might Just Open Up Can we all agree on something? Sometimes you must have a conversation with your kids about topics that neither of you want to. When they were little, the questions they asked were easy and innocent: “Why is the sky blue?” “Why does the dog sniff his butt?” “Why can’t…