Today is mine and the Rooster’s anniversary. We’ve been married 13 years today and together for a few more than that.  We’re no different from any other couple in the world – life hasn’t always been smooth but somehow, we’ve managed to stick together.

We don’t make as much time for each other as we should, but now that the girls are getting older it’s Happy Anniversarystarting to become easier. Matter of fact, we went out last night to the awesome Spring House Restaurant to celebrate our marriage and discuss how much longer we thought we could make it. The food and company were awesome and we decided that we’re good for at least another 13 years.

I thought that I would test my knowledge of my husband and see if I still know him as well as I did 15 some years ago. Remember when you’re hopelessly in puppy love and nothing is more important than spending endless moments in bed learning more about each other? What? That’s not what you did?



1. What’s your spouse’s favorite color? Green. Specifically Eagles green

2. What’s your spouse’s favorite city to visit? Philadelphia

3. What’s your spouse’s favorite vacation destination? Caribbean. Specifically St. Maarten

4. What’s your spouse’s favorite restaurant? Right now it’s Spring House

5. What’s your spouse’s favorite type of food? BBQ (yes, it’s a type)

6. What’s your spouse’s favorite home cooked meal? Eggs Benedict or Beef Wellington

7. What’s your spouse’s favorite dessert? He doesn’t eat desserts but when he did it was Boston Creme Pie

8. What’s your spouse’s favorite holiday? Christmas

9. Who is your spouse’s best friend? Duh. Me.

10. Who is your spouse’s favorite relative? His parents (you know I wasn’t picking just one)

11. What’s your spouse’s favorite thing for YOU to wear? Nothing

12. What’s your spouse’s favorite movie? The Godfather

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13. What’s your spouse’s favorite band? Pink Floyd

14. What’s your spouse’s favorite day of the week? Sunday

15. What’s the most relaxing thing for your spouse? Napping

16. What’s most stressful for your spouse? Incompetent people.

I wish I could tell you how close I was to my answers, but since he never visits the site he won’t be able to grade me. I say I scored a 100.

So to my older and wiser groom I say “thanks for the past 13 years of marriage. The good times, the bad times and all the plain ones in between that really make up a marriage. I know I’m not always an angel and somedays I ask for more than I should. You have a lot of patience being in this house and even though we don’t tell you or show you more often, you are the rock and the rooster of this hen house and we can’t imagine a day without you crowing.”

Love you, Boo. Happy Anniversary.