As part of my foray into the Open Sky Project, I was sent a decent list of items that I could try out, use and talk about.  There were some really cool options and it was tough to decide.

Would it be the magnetic calendar/folder/organization chart? As a busy mom, I could use that for sure. But… it would be yet, one more place that I would have to keep track of schedules.

What about the cute, retro looking apron? I love aprons and this one would have made me channel my inner Bree Van de Kamp, without a doubt.

In the end, I chose these really cool nesting CaliStack bowls from CaliBowls.  Calibowls
They come in 4 different colors (I chose retro aqua blue) and are made of a durable plastic with a rubber gripping bottom that will withstand even the toughest beating from me OR the mixer.

What I also like about the bowls is they have this "lip" on the inside rim. You know when you're trying to scoop something out of the bowl (like cupcake batter) and you need to push it back on the spoon a little bit so that it doesn't spill on your counter? That's what this lip does.  Which means you can use it for chips and salsa, too.. that way no one's touching the food that might go back into the bowl.. Every mom and hostess's dream.

Seriously..if you're looking for a new set of mixing bowls, kitchen bowls or serving bowls, you will love these..I know that I do.

For more details, check them out here!

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