Tuesday means a new episode of my podcast, Conversation on the Rocks, is available for downloading! This was a great conversation because many of our relationships – whether they’re with spouses or significant others, friends, or family – are being tested big time right now. So it begs the question whether it’s being isolated together or unable to see one another that’s causing the problems or were there buried issues beforehand?

In this episode, I’m joined by International Body Language Expert, Blanca Cobb and we discuss the state of relationships during this (or any) trying time. A lot of people are finding their relationships in trouble, but we dig into whether that’s the fault of the virus or whether the relationship sucked beforehand and being forced to isolate is making people figure that out.

Other points:

  • Kristen calls BS on the deep and meaningful conversations people are claiming to have
  • Why Gen Z is probably the most stressed out right now over anyone
  • Will there be a mad dash for divorce lawyers as soon as we’re out
  • Why pumping the breaks could actually save a relationship
  • Why being transparent and vulnerable with your kids is important right now

Explicit marked for a couple of colorful words that were dropped.

Where to find Blanca on social media:

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