I heard an interesting statistic this morning. Couples who have daughters have a higher percentage of divorce rates than those with sons. I have three daughters which, according to this statistic, makes me 10% more likely to get divorced. This is on top of the already high 50% divorce rate. Whilst I’m not looking to learn about a divorce lawyer… yet, it is interesting to know this type of information and how it came about.

Now, before you go spouting off at the mouth the “obvious” reasons (drama, hormones, all those women, etc.) that this rate exists, listen to the reasoning they gave:

  • 75% of the time, it’s the woman who initiates the divorce
  • Mothers of daughters are more likely to leave a bad marriage so that the daughters do not grow up thinking that is the way a marriage should be
  • Daughters offer more companionship than sons (don’t shoot the messenger) and thus, mothers tend to feel they need a husband less. There is, of course, the risk that you will lose custody over your children when you divorce their father, which counteracts this point, but if you use someone like these Divorce Lawyers London way they will make sure the chances of this are thoroughly minimized.
  • Men/Fathers have more “sticktoitiveness” when it comes to sons than daughters

Okay… now that I’m finished, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this. Remember… I did not write the report, I just repeated the report ūüėČ


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