Ready for Halloween?

Someone asked me the other day what my favorite holiday was and without hesitation, I answered “Christmas and then Halloween”. Other than Christmas, Halloween is the ONLY holiday that I will actually decorate for. I don’t go all out like some of my favorite people do, but I love throwing little pieces here and there that blend in with my other fall decor because remember… Fall is the season for gingers!! 😉 

Apparently, I’m not the only one who gets into the mood for Halloween; it’s often been said that it’s the 2nd busiest day for retailers – only Christmas/Winter Holidays coming in first (although I just read an article that debunks that theory). Every year there’s a new pop-up Halloween store settling into a vacant spot at the shopping center and they’re always crowded. You can fulfill any fantasy you want just by choosing the right costume.. go solo, as a couple or in a group. If you’ve got littles, you can get the whole family involved in a theme. Halloween is just the time of the year where you can let your imagination run wild and no one will think twice about it.

Decorating and Costuming with Oriental Trading

If you’re just now getting around to thinking about Halloween decorating (I mean really… here in NC it’s just now starting to feel remotely like fall…) you may think heading to the Halloween store is your best option for decoration but if you’re like me and avoid shopping in crowds like the plague, I have a much better option for you… and you can do it all while sipping on a glass of wine or mulled cider if the mood should strike you. Oriental Trading (which most of us are familiar with because it used to be THE place to go when you needed arts and crafts supplies for the littles when they were in elementary school) has a HUGE selection of affordable and super cute (or scary if that’s your thing) Halloween decorations. When they asked if I wanted

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When they asked if I wanted to try out their selection of decorations and costumes, I jumped at the chance. Loved working with them when we hosted the oldest’s Sweet 16 birthday party – it’s almost overwhelming the amount of amazing choices they offer and whittling it down to which pieces I wanted the most was a challenge for this girl.  But, choose I must and when the boxes arrived, I wasn’t disappointed in what I’d selected.

With a house full of teens, I opted for pieces that would blend in with what was already out… no more “little” decor.. they have discerning tastes now, you know?? And these teens will want to throw parties for Halloween soon so why not stock up on classic party items like banners and balloons? Check Out Bantercards Halloween Balloons! They’re spooking-ly funny

Halloween Decor in the Living Room

This is my favorite room of the house and where we spend a lot of time, so only natural that the majority of the effort went into here. Love, love, love this little guy:

Halloween decorations and costumes from Oriental Trading

And what better way to spice up where you sit than with some squeezable and lovable throw pillows? I’m actually considering leaving them out til Christmas… think anyone would mind?

Halloween decorations and costumes from Oriental Trading

Halloween decorations and costumes from Oriental Trading

To complete the touches in the living room, I pulled the normal table runner out of the mix and added these sparkly little numbers:

Halloween decorations and costumes from Oriental Trading

It’s hard to tell from this angle, but there are little embellished spiders in there and the “web” is highlighted with sparkly threads!

Halloween decorations and costumes from Oriental Trading

I almost put this on the powder room door but then thought it might be cruel…

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Halloween decorations and costumes from Oriental Trading

The second most popular room in the house is the dining room (isn’t the kitchen area always where people gather??), so I opted for a center piece and picture that blends in so well that unless you look twice, you wouldn’t even know it was Halloween decor…

Halloween decorations and costumes from Oriental Trading

Halloween decorations and costumes from Oriental Trading

Okay, so the center piece does hit the “cutesy” category but I couldn’t resist 🙂

Halloween Costumes from Oriental Trading

Yep. I’m that person who still dresses for Halloween… typically the only “party” that I go to is a neighborhood gathering at the besties house but it’s rare that I don’t dress the part. Some of my favorite costumes in the past have been:

Rosie the Riveter…

Halloween decorations and costumes from Oriental Trading

Red from Orange is the New Black… 

Halloween decorations and costumes from Oriental Trading

That was an AWESOME group costume… I’d do that every year if I could get away with it!!

What about this year? After taking (literally) 2 hours to go thru all the options that Oriental Trading offers in the costume department (and getting approval from the teens…), I opted for this as my Halloween ensemble for this year:

Halloween decorations and costumes from Oriental Trading

Pretty happy with it and who knows… maybe I’ll go foraging for hidden treasures!!

You’ve got a few weeks left to get your house all spooked up for the parties and trick or treaters… hopefully, you got some good ideas and are ready to freshen up your decor – either subtle or in your face haunting works for me!! Regardless of which you choose, I promise you will not be disappointed in all your choices at Oriental Trading!! Let me know when you’re finished decorating so I can see what you chose!!







Halloween decorations and costumes from Oriental Trading