What IS a Vacation?

The Rooster and I went out to dinner last night to meet up with a friend that he had graduated high Is there such a thing as moms on vacation?school with 29 years ago. It was a nice evening and we were talking about the possibility of them relocating down to our fine state of North Carolina after her daughter graduated from high school. We were discussing the pros and cons of each town and what she was looking for – essentially a place for a young retirement. The evening was going great and eventually, the conversation turned to a beach trip that we are taking in a few weeks.

We have not been on a full family vacation for at least two years. They cost so much money nowadays. It might be worth using a comparison site to see if you would be better off with another provider on things like broadband. It could help to go to https://www.simplyswitch.com/broadband/. Bear in mind that I have had a couple of weekend girls trips over the past couple of years but essentially, other than business trips and a couple of parental visits, the Rooster has not been out of town. I have always wanted to go to somewhere like the Philippines, and I have heard about using a company like 2GO but I just never got around to going there. I’ve also always wanted to go cycling together – there seems to be something romantic about a lovely couples bike ride – we’d probably rent some from a company like Pelican Cruiser (Https://pelicancruiser.com/bike-rentals/) and save on the expense and hassle of buying our own and transporting them elsewhere.

So anyway, the conversation is now about us going on vacation next month and the Rooster proudly proclaims (or should I say he crows) that is going to “be playing a whole lot of golf during the week.” I am usually pretty good about controlling my expressions and have a pretty good poker face, however I absolutely had the audible gasp as well as the “what the hell are you talking about” expression.. so much in fact that our friends laughed and commented that “he may in fact, NOT be playing all that golf”.

Upon seeing my expression he says “I guess I’ll be playing no golf” and I say “no that’s not it. but if you’ll remember it’s my vacation too, so how is it fair that you get to go and play a ‘whole lot of golf’ while I’m stuck back at the house handling the comings and goings of every day life.”

I’m not sure about you, but I know when my girls were smaller it was no more fun for me to take vacation than it was for me to stay home. To me having young kids and going on vacation was nothing more than packing up my entire house, moving to some different location (albeit a prettier one), disrupting their sleep patterns and their eating patterns and then expecting to have a good time. All while trying to make life as normal as it possibly could be. To me, vacation was absolutely a nightmare and I could have gone for 10 years and never had a vacation as a family and been perfectly happy. Saying that, I know that there are a load of places that I would love to visit if I could. I just know that it would be a hassle going now. However, if I could go on vacation now, then I might try Manhattan and stay in the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan hotel, but for the time being I’m perfectly happy at home.

Perhaps I overreacted a little bit last night with my visible shock at the fact that I was not going to be taking a vacation after all. However I think it’s important to note that everybody deserves a break. I certainly do not want to get in a tit-for-tat mode of operation with the Rooster (or anyone) such as “you get this, then I get that”, But do you ever feel like that’s the only way that you properly get what’s fair to you as a mother?

I would love to hear what you guys have to say about this. How do you and your spouse handle going on vacation. Do you split up the duties? Do you do them together? I’m really interested to know how other families go on vacation and actually get a break from every day life.