Dawana over at A Bittersweet Existence is pregnant. And pregnant women tend to get fidgity, bored and fiesty. Sometimes all at the same time. Last week, Dawana was sitting around being all three of those and thought that writing posts that were based on one random question bouncing thru her head would be a good idea. I see her tweet and said to her… we should go head to head with the same question! I mean we’re obviously very similar (I mean, we like each other so that’s similar, right?!) yet very different. I live on the East coast, she lives in the Rockies. I am a redhead and she wants to be.

Sounds good to me!

Today’s post is the first question that popped into Dawana’s head. I’m thinking she’s frustrated based on the question:

If you could have any household helper, what would it be?
Nanny, Maid, Personal Chef, etc.

That’s an easy one.


Why? Well, because? Why not? Okay.. not good enough.

I don’t need a nanny anymore. Lucky for me, my offspring are now either old enough to stay by themselves or stay together when we go out. The only 2 things I ask of them when they do stay alone is 1) Don’t kill each other and 2) Don’t call me. Especially if #1 has happened. Just pack your bags and go.

A personal chef would be nice, but since the Rooster works from home AND is an amazing cook, I’ve got that covered. I’m sure the Rooster would like to have a personal chef, but this is my story – not his.

So, of the 3 options Dawana gave me, that leaves me with a maid and to that I say “yes – give me two please”. Again, since this is my story – I get to make this maid any way I want so I would want a maid who was here every day. She doesn’t have to be here all day but to have someone magically find places for all of the girls crap, tidy up daily, deep clean weekly and rescue me from the pile of laundry that we affectionately refer to as Mount Laundress, I would weep in gratitude.

No more walking by the laundry room to this:

Piles and piles of clean laundry. If this is really Mount Laundress, I’m thinking it’s more of a volcano than a mountain. Mountains are happy places! Volcanos are full of fire and eruption.

See… we don’t mind DOING laundry. Washing and drying is a piece of cake. Somehow, that’s where it gets stuck though. No one wants to finish it. Not me or the Rooster (we’ve been doing it for over 30 years) and certainly not the wee hens. It’s beneath them. So my maid would come in with the smile on her face, feather duster in hand and magically – all would be right with the world!

So yes, dear Dawana… my choice is a maid.

What would your choice be of the three?


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