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Monday’s after school consists of Songsters for Sydney and tutoring for Cassie. Bell rings at 2:45 to let them out, so we’re there to pick up Cassie, shuttle her to the tutor and then back to the school to get Sydney by 3:30. I drop off Cassie and by 3:10, am rounding the bend in front of the school. Please note that less than 30 minutes has passed since the bell dinged, so there’s a considerable amount of after school traffic still going on in front of the school.

So, anyhow… coming around the bend and almost have a head on collision with a van parked on the wrong side of the road. Nothing unusual, I realize except the reason this van was parked on the wrong side of the road was so that two of our school moms could engage in a conversation. As I’m coming up on her and having to wait for another car to pass so I can get thru, she gives me that double hand wave and mouths “I’m Sorry!!”. Really? Did the thought to park your car at the curb and get OUT ever cross your mind??

Mind you, the car wasn’t in idle, it was parked with the engine OFF. And she sat there for another 5 minutes at least only turning her engine over and moving when TWO school busses were locked out of moving.

Of course I had to take a picture because that’s what I do and I figured no one would believe me…

My patience level with the “rules don’t apply to me” parents at our school are well known and I’ve ranted many times about the very same ones who ignore our “No Left Turn” sign.

I just don’t get it… are they really that oblivious??

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