Finding Student Loans that Fit Your Needs

My Facebook wall has aged over the years. The images and stories of 5th grade dances and “graduation” ceremonies are slowly being replaced by prom shots and misty-eyed stories of high school graduations and college acceptances. Parents are proud, kids are eager. Each awaiting the next huge chapter in their lives.

College is expensive. College Ave Student Loans is helping make the burden a lot easier!

Once your kids hit high school, all attention turns to college preparation. From choosing the best one for them to making sure they choose the best classes to strengthen their GPA and all the way down to how you’re going to pay for it. If you were smart back in the day, you listened to the people who told you to start saving for college when they’re born. Or if you’re like me, you thought it was a great idea and tried when you could but sometimes life just gets in the way. You could consider speaking with Qualia Credit about this at this point, and many do, but the fact that the time came so quickly is just absolutely astounding.

So here we are with exactly one year until our oldest hits college and now we have to get busy with figuring out how we’re going to pay for her tuition without all of us going into debt for the rest of our lives. While this is scary, we have been thinking about looking at some student loan forgiveness options, which, by the way, are definitely worth giving a visit to if you are worried about the prospect of crippling student loan debt. Paying off your student loans may seem like a big deal but there is help out there to make it more manageable.

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So, How Do You Pay for it All?

This is where College Ave Student Loans is coming in to help us. They offer more flexibility to fit your specific financial situation than many other private parent loan options. The site is easy to navigate and very clearly explains all the options available to you AND your teen. W;ith tools available to gauge how much you will need and how much it will cost you to pay it back to a free credit pre-qualification tool, spending time doing the research will pay off big-time in the long run.

Get Your Teens Involved from the BeginningCollege is expensive. College Ave Student Loans is helping make the burden a lot easier!

I highly recommend that you do this process WITH your teen. We have always been pretty transparent with our kids on what
things cost and how budgets work. It’s never been done to make them worry about money but rather to help them understand that there are costs associated with life and you have to make smart choices. College is an expensive part of life and whether you will be paying for their tuition 100% or a hybrid of other options, they need to be involved from the beginning.

Some other cool things about College Ave Student Loans:

College Ave Student Loans offers more flexibility to fit your specific financial situation than many other private parent loan options.

  • Option to get up to $2,500 deposited directly into parents’ bank accounts so they control the spending for extra education expenses like books, electronics, dorm supplies and more.
  • Parents also have the option to start paying in full right away, or to limit monthly payments while the student is in school, and to pick their own repayment terms from 5 to 12 years.
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College Ave Student Loans Launches New Parent Loan, which offers savings over Federal Plus Loans

  • With no origination fee and a lower fixed interest rate than the federal program, College Ave Student Loans new parent loan offers College Ave Student Loans an average savings of $1,000 vs. the Federal Direct Parent Plus program.
  • College Ave Student Loans makes the student loan process easy, simple and clear so students can get on with what matters most: a bright future.

College is Expensive

The cost of college has risen so drastically since the 90’s when most of us went. At a rate that far exceeds the average rate of salaries. If you’ve got more than one to worry about, it can be overwhelming and stressful to even comprehend. But there are options available and having a resource like College Ave Student Loans makes this mom feel a lot better about the whole process. Check it out and let me know what you thought of the process! If you’re ever finding yourself in debt due to being a student, or a number of any other different reasons, look into debt consolidation loans bad credit applications are considered also.

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