… You just have to stop and listen.

I often tell my kids “you have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason” but realize that sometimes, I forget those same words.


Sydney, Cassie and I were at the 100th Girl Scout Anniversary celebration where there were HUNDREDS of Girl Scouts, leaders and parents. It was truly an awesome event. I was standing at our Brownie’s booth when I saw the cutest little lady standing there sampling the “Indoor S’mores” that the girls had made. And because I listened to my own “rule”, I was given the chance to hear her amazing story. We started the normal chit-chat and then she told me that she has been a Girl Scout for 47 years. That was impressive but I knew she was much older and when I stopped to do the mental math, I realized that she had to have started scouting in her adult years. Sure enough, it turns out that she’s 81 years old and became a Girl Scout in her mid-thirties when her daughter joined. She was so proud of her time in the Scouts and I really enjoyed her stories.

The Girl Scouts have taken a lot of flack this year which I think is completely unfounded, but I think everyone has their right to say what’s on their mind even if I don’t agree with it. I for one am very proud of the fact that my girls are Scouts. I hate that Mackenzie was put into a position where she felt she had to quit (more on that another day). Before that situation, the rule in the house was that there was not quitting Scouts. There are so many great things that the Girl Scouts offer and teach our young women. They’re encouraged to be free thinkers, to give back to the community, to respect each other and Scouts help them grow personally and prepares them for the world.

So that’s why I was so enamored with the cute little lady who, 47 years ago, stepped up to the plate to make a difference – not just in her daughter’s life but in countless others after her. As women, we all need to do that more often. Step up and lead our girls into the future. Walk the walk instead of talking the talk. Remember – it takes a village, people.

As we walked to the next booth, her parting words to me were that at this point of her life, her goal is to live long enough to celebrate 50 years as a Girl Scout. With her spirit, I have no doubt that she’s going to make that goal.


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