Have you noticed that your Facebook page is more out of whack than normal? It’s because the powers that be at Facebook are tweaking the algorithms again. If you’re like 6 billion other people get your facebook backin the world, chances are that you will log into Facebook at least once a day—maybe more. But all of our experiences with the site are diminishing into what the Facebook team wants us to have, not the experience that you and I want to have, and that can be very frustrating. So, what if you knew of a few little tricks that might make your time on Facebook a little bit more fun again? Take a few minutes and fine-tune with these tips, and you’ll be back to your happy Facebook ways!

Stop the Notification Sound  Remember Granny Clampett? Every time the doorbell would ring, it would drive her crazy looking for the source of the sound. Same thing with that little notification sound you get Every. Single. Time. someone does something towards your account. If you’re a really active user, that could be a lot of “dinging” going on. Answer? Stop the dings by unchecking the sounds box! To get there, click on the “world” icon, choose “settings,” then uncheck the box that says “play a sound.”


changing notification sounds in facebook



Annoying “Friends” – This time of year (election season) provides a perfect example of when you might not want to see every post that your neighbor or your mother puts up. Whether it’s yet another BuzzFeed personality quiz or an endless rant on why their candidate is THE one, certain people can be really annoying. But you can’t unfriend them, so what do you do? Unfollow them.  Simply click on the drop-down arrow in the corner of the person’s latest post and select “unfollow.” From then on, you won’t see another pesky update from them until you decide you’re ready to see them again!

how to unfollow, not unfriend your friends



Train Facebook on What You DO Like and Want to See – In the same drop-down box as “unfollow,” you have the option to “take a survey.”

how to train facebook

Once launched, Facebook will show you 15 posts and ask you “Does this post feel like an ad?” and you rate it on a scale. The goal is to “train” Facebook on what you do and don’t want to see on your timeline.

voting for facebook ads

Give Your “Friends” a Demotion – You’re just not that into them anymore … so mark them as “acquaintances” instead. Just use this link: facebook.com/friends/organize, and Facebook will show you the profile shots of 25 or so “friends” that either aren’t very active or with whom you do not interact. Select the ones that you want to demote, and Facebook will move them out of your everyday stream!

Show Your Besties Some Love – I find that the easiest way to get the latest updates from the people I really want to know about is by creating lists. I simply add all my closest friends and (some) family to a special list and when I want to only see their updates, I just choose that list!