I can’t think of a better way to spend Friday the 13th then hanging out with the family while rubbing elbows with some spooky ghouls and zombies at the preview of SCarowinds Halloween Haunt.


Each year after the regular season ends, Carowinds theme park gets converted into a hauntingly frightening experience called Scarowinds. What could be better than riding thrill seeking rollercoasters in the dark surrounded by some of the scariest looking creatures and other attractions like mazes, live shows and twisted playgrounds? This year the SCarowinds is open on the weekends from September 14 – October 27th and they’ve added three new features to the amusement park.. there’s London Terror section which is a replica of 1800s London complete with Big Ben, abandoned buildings (or are they??) and plenty of foggy (Scream and Steam!) sidewalks where you’re walking amongst some of London’s finest spirits.

As if 1800s London wasn’t frightening enough they’ve also added Zombie High which will look familiar to anyone who cruised the halls in the 80’s. Class of ’87 rules this school as well as the lunch lady banging out surprise meatloaf and the mad science geek experimenting on some poor soul. I loved this haunted house! The halls are filled with classic heavy metal tunes by your favorite hair bands and you never know what skeleton is going to jump out at you.

Speaking of hair bands – one of the other new additions to SCarowinds is the “Night Terrors” stage where the Monsters of Rock show is sure to please even the most snobby of zombie cheerleaders. 😉

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The third area that they’re excited about but we didn’t get to see is Scary Tales. Sounds like this one is not going to be your average Grimm Fairy Tale…

My Two Cents: I think SCarowinds is a great way to celebrate the Halloween season but it’s not for the faint hearted or anyone under 13. We did the VIP/Media night which is a tamer version and our 2 12 year olds were definitely squeezing some hands going thru Zombie High. I think it was partly the noise level and the anticipation of not knowing what to expect, but since that’s the gist of all haunted mazes – use caution.  LOVED the characters that roamed the streets and played the parts in Zombie high and remember – they can’t touch you (and you shouldn’t touch them either). I took pictures inside Zombie High but decided using them would be spoiling the fun.

Tickets: If you go the first few weekends of September, the rate is discounted (buy them online and they’re cheaper) from $49.99 to $26.99. Of course, the closer you get to Halloween, the more expensive they are. If you’re a season pass holder (remember me telling you months ago to buy one??), it’s included in your pass.

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I vant to drink yer blood: On September 27th, they’re holding a special “Feed the Vamps” blood drive! Come and donate blood between 4-8pm  and receive a FREE SCarowinds ticket (while supplies last), a coupon for a FREE Sports Clips haircut and a chance to win a $1,000 gift card!

A big thanks to Julie and the rest of the team for including me in the Media night.. totally worth the drive to Charlotte for the night and we couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather!!

Have you been to SCarowinds before?