SUP lessons with Cape Fear PaddleboardingThis post was graciously written by the bestie who not only was brave enough to go on vacation with 5 girls who didn’t belong to her but was the one who joined in the fun of the SUP lessons we took… Remember.. I was driving around making sure everyone had fun?? Thanks Jen for everything and for telling the story!!

Being the BFF I am, I agreed to brave a week at the beach with Kristen and 6 t(w)een girls. Cue the violins…no, really..

Luckily, as you heard earlier last week, Kristen, being the wonderful BFF she is, arranged for a great way to keep the girls entertained for a morning. Originally it was going to be surf lessons for everyone with Cape Fear Paddleboarding, but we were disappointed to learn that lessons start at age 11 and up. That left the two youngest out of the fun.

I tried surfing once about 15 years ago and totally understand the age requirement. Surfing is HARD, HARD work, man. It’s not so much the getting up part, not that that isn’t a challenge. It’s the paddling out over the surf to get into position that can exhaust you quickly…and THEN you have to get up, and of course, try to stay up. A lot of it has to do with balance and having the strength and paddleboarding lessons and review with Cape Fear Paddleboardingweight to manage the board.

My DH loves to give it a go whenever he has a chance…me, I am resigned to the fact that it is not my cup of tea. Our 10-year old daughter, Sadie, has had a chance to try it a couple of times over the past few years. She is tall and strong for her age, but her efforts have been met primarily with frustration.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (“SUP”) however…she loves. I had never actually had the opportunity to try SUP, but Sadie had tried it (whilst doing yoga!) on a couple of our trips and at summer camp. Check out for the best paddleboards on offer if paddleboarding is your thing! All the other girls going on our excursion were a little nervous about being able to stand up on the board, but the fact that Sadie had done it seemed to ease their minds a little. And then our guides Doug and Taylor did a terrific job of demonstrating how to do it and we were all up and paddling within a few minutes. I was most concerned about getting back onto the board from the water and how to avoid looking like a beached whale while doing it, so I asked Doug to demonstrate the best technique…this was apparently the first time anyone had requested that, but he willingly mocked a fall off the board and got back on. Looked easy enough…

Paddling on a SUP just like paddling a canoe or kayak. One the girls who had never done either had a bit longer learning curve to get the board to go where she wanted, but with a few minutes she was on track. No one fell off until we decided we wanted to because it was hot and humid outside. And hooray! Getting back on and up was super easy.

Sadie and I are admittedly not very athletic, and we have to really psyche ourselves up to do traditional fitness exercises. Thus it is great when I find something we can do to get outside and get moving. While it doesn’t look like you’re doing much just standing there on the board paddling…I could feel the work I did the next day. We’re not talking aerobic exercise, but you’re definitely working some muscles – you have to use your abs and glutes and thighs to stay balanced, and your upper body and arms to paddle.

The thing I liked best about our SUP experience with Cape Fear Paddleboarding was that our guides brought along a waterproof camera and took lots of terrific photos for us. Check them out…everyone is all smiles…even the teenagers.

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Disclaimer: I did not receive money for this review but we did receive complimentary lessons in exchange for my review and promotion. While I was compensated in trade, it did not influence my opinion . All opinions are honest and ours.