If you don’t know, earlier this year I launched a new site called Ten to Twenty Parenting. My hope and goal is that the site will become a resource for anyone involved with the raising of kids in the age range of 10 to 20 years old. I’ve come across some amazing writers in the past few months, each who is an integral part of helping this community grow.

I have a lot of ideas on what I’d like to happen over at Ten to Twenty and one of them was to offer candid interviews with people on different topics. I toyed with the idea of a type of radio show (still am) but thought that doing actual VIDEO would be fun, too. Yesterday, with the help of my friend Arminda, I hosted our first ever video interview! We had a blast as she and I went head to head in our review of The Hunger Games movie. We learned a few things in the process… notably it was a little long so future episodes will keep with the Ten to Twenty theme and the episodes will either be 10 minutes long or 20 minutes long.

Check out our video below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how we did… where can we improve and more importantly… what topics do YOU think would make for good video chat? I’ve already pegged Kim Williams over at Wishful Preaching for the next one. Kim is a former Pastor who has a very grounded view on what I call “real-life” religion.

Here’s the show… enjoy!!



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