We love to cook and the Rooster loves to grill. I like to grill too, but for the most part leave it to him. I know a lot of people prefer to get their grilled food from somewhere like Francisca Restaurant, but my husband is such a ‘do it yourself’ kind of guy. I figure the poor guy has enough of his man-cards taken away just by living in a house with 4 women that the grill is the last sacred place he has.Chef Tools Instant  Read Digital Thermometer is a perfect gift for the grill master on your list!

I know there are some who shelve their grills when the time changes and it gets darker earlier and while it may be a bit more challenging to see what you’re doing, take proper temperatures, etc. But there are so many tools out there to help you get around these issues that there is no reason to hang up your apron in tongs just because it’s a little colder and darker outside.

One of our favorite finds this year was from Cave Tools and if you’re looking for gifts for your favorite grill master, you definitely want to check these grillin’ gadgets out.

Proper temperature is a critical piece of grilling… no one wants to take the risk of having undercooked chicken or pork. We have tried several different thermometers with varying degrees (hah! see what I did there?!) of success so finding one that works and works WELL is important to us.

Cave Tools Instant Read Digital Thermometer

To the rescue is the Cave Tools Instant Read Digital Thermometer! Perfect for everyday use, commercial chefs, tailgating, and parties!

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Some of the features:


  • 4 – 6 Second Read Times So Your Food Never Gets Cold
  • Accurate Within 1°F So You Always Have the Exact Temperature
  • Re-Calibratable So Your Thermometer Stays Accurate For Years To Come
  • 100% Stainless Steel Design Is Shatterproof & Waterproof…It Will Not Break
  • Fits In Your Pocket For Convenient Use and Easy Storage
  • Replaceable Watch Battery With Auto Off After 10 Minutes For Long Lasting Battery Life
  • Large Digital Display – Buttons Spaced For Big Fingers – Max Temp Recall And -40 – 450 °F Range

We tested it out on one of our favorite go-to way to make chicken – Beer Can Chicken!! You’re going to hate me but I forgot to write down the Rooster’s Rub for this one :(. BUT! That’s not the focus here! The focus is the thermometer and it got a solid two thumbs up from the man.

Chef Tools Instant  Read Digital Thermometer is a perfect gift for the grill master on your list!

They have a lot of other products for the griller in your life so whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer like the thermometer or a larger gift, you’ll love the whole line! You can shop online at their site and make sure you follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest!


**This is a sponsored post. While I didn’t receive any money for the post, I did receive a thermometer to test. Opinions are still my own. Those can’t be bought.**