Ding, ding, ding!! That sound is the sound of school going back all around our area! Today is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! And while I’m excited to get back into a routine, there’s one thing that willKeurig Coffee System giveaway take getting used to – getting up earlier than we have for the past 2 months. And thanks to WSFCS thinking that middle school should start at 7:20, in this house that alarm goes off at 6am.

Or as I like to say – the butt crack of dawn.

Believe me when I say that I leave no minute unturned when it comes to our school morning routine. There is no waking up earlier than I need to to sit at the kitchen table with a steaming pot of coffee that’s served with toast and eggs. I’d love if that were the case, but it’s just not happening.

But coffee is a must, so what’s a Mama Hen to do?

Up until 6 years ago, I used to program my maker to brew a pot of coffee to be ready by the time I stumbled downstairs. (And let me tell you, there was nothing worse than getting downstairs only to discover something had gone wrong and all I had was an empty pot.) Then, one year, the Rooster got the flu and decided that after a week of caffeine detox, he wasn’t going to go back to coffee and believe it or not, he hasn’t.

Now if you know me, the last thing I need is a full pot of coffee all to myself, so I made the move to Keurig. I’ve jumped back to a regular coffee pot a couple of times, but Keurig makes it SO easy to get a perfect cup of coffee and since it’s just me drinking it, it’s worth the extra money for the K-cups to get what I want, when I want it. Keurig’s come a long way since I bought mine and the variety of K-Cups is incredible. There is every kind of coffee you could want (including my favorite Green Mountain as well as the always popular Starbucks), hot tea, hot cocoa and my latest favorite – Brew Over Ice.

Pretty much my morning boils down to…

With Keurig, I choose, brew and enjoy and get my day started!

And now to celebrate their “Trade Up to Keurig” campaign, thanks to the awesome folks at Keurig, one of you is going to get YOUR very own brand spanking new Keurig K65 Special Edition Brewing System!!! Not only do you get the brewing system, but it has a nice sampler pack of K-Cups to get you started!

Keurig is on a mission to get all of America out the door and on to their lives faster and all around the country, they’re letting folks “trade up” their old, clunky coffee pots for a Keurig! Here in the Triad, they’ll have locations all over the place for the month of September. So if you’re just DYING to get your hands on one in case you don’t win this one, check the listings to see where you can trade yours in!

You don’t have to be in the Triad to be eligible to win this… they’ll ship it to you wherever you are. So no matter if your alarm is set to PST, MST or EST – you can virtually enjoy a cup of coffee with yours truly!! Entering is simple and one winner will be randomly generated on Monday, September 9th so go ahead and get your brew on and enter to win!