The Rooster and the  kids always try to stock my shelves with lotion and shower gel at Christmas time. And either my skin is really dry and Steve’s trying to tell me something or he forgot to do inventory before he left, because this year they gave me 6 lotions and no shower gel. So my options were to either exchange some of the lotion for shower gel or not use shower gel and cover up by stank with pretty smelling lotion. Lucky for you, my decision was to exchange it.


As you may (or may not) know, I would rather have my teeth pulled than go to the mall but Mackenzie on the other hand, would live at the mall if she could. (and if she had the money of the Kardashians) When she said she was going to the mall to spend her gift cards, I asked if she would mind returning my lotions for the exact fragrance in the shower gel.. I didn’t have the receipt but had done this enough times that I didn’t think it would be a problem.

In a rare occurrence, I was actually wrong. They flat out refused to let her return it and I honestly think it’s because she’s a teen.

Now before you assume that she was smart or fresh (that’s just at home..) the one thing that I work on with my girls a lot is how to treat people in retail and restaurants.. I’m always telling them to fold things and put them back where they belong.. “these people don’t get paid enough to clean up after you” and “if you eat out with your friends, you better make sure you save $5 at least for a tip”. I remember “those” kids when I was in the business and no way are mine going to be that way if I can help it.

Which is why the rest of this story bugs me….


What do you think.. profiled for being 16?