happy birthday kristen

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Man that was a shameless plug, wasn’t it?! Well, it’s true – today is my 45th birthday. When you have a birthday anywhere near Christmas, you learn pretty early on to shamelessly plug your big day as often as you can and to anyone who will listen. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to eat which are happy to celebrate your birthday with you in the form of a discount. Why wouldn’t you want to get some free stuff on your big day??

Since this is my big day, I’m going to write whatever I want to and in the end, you’re going to leave me a Happy Birthday comment. Yeah. That’s what’s going to happen. I’ve also heard that you can custom your own bobbleheads and I’m really hoping someone does one for me this year!

See what I mean?? We Christmas babies are pretty obnoxious.

I thought about telling you 45 things about me, but I really have no interest in boring you to tears so I’m going to start typing until either I get bored or I run out of interesting things to say.

Random Birthday Facts About Kristen:

  1. I was born on my Dad’s 22nd birthday
  2. My paternal grandmother died on our birthday
  3. My dad has always referred to our birthday as “Nallmas” because of those 2 facts
  4. Colonel Sanders (KFC!) birthday is also today. That is if he were still alive. He’s not.
  5. My parents were watching Laugh-In when my mom went into labor
  6. My dad made my mom wait until Laugh-In was over before they went to the hospital
  7. My mom was not amused
  8. I was born at 5:42am. No wonder I hate the mornings
  9. I was born during the day of 7 day hospital stays for births
  10. I was born during the day of birth moms getting drugs
  11. I was not breast fed
  12. I am completely fine and normal even though 6 & 7 happened
  13. My mom was REALLY fine thanks to 5 – 7
  14. I am a Sagittarius through and through
  15. My dad and I like to serenade each other with the Beatle’s song “They Say It’s Your Birthday”
  16. I got a tattoo on my 25th birthday
  17. I’m planning on getting my second one for my 45th (suggestions welcome!)
  18. I will also get one on my 65th. To that tattoo artist, I’m sorry.
  19. The best birthday I had was my 40th birthday thanks to the Rooster and my bestie. It was also the birthday I started using skinpro dna serum to make me look 40 for longer!
  20. I am planning on spending my 50th someplace warmer than NC

Okay that’s it.. I’m running out of interesting things to say about my birthday. Thanks for sticking around long enough to let me amuse myself πŸ™‚

And to my Daddy if you’re reading –