I’m not here to argue the politics of religion (or dancing for that matter) but more the phrases people use this time of year. The topic always pops up in December.. do you say “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, does it really offend you if someone doesn’t use “Happy Holidays”?

In my 30+ years (I’m giving some mathematical liberty here because I doubt I

Kristen-Daukas-Winston-Salem-NCcared much when I was 4 what term people used and therefore, in this scenario I would be in my 30’s.) I don’t think that I have ever encountered someone who harped at me because I wished them a Merry Christmas. Honestly, I think people are happy to just hear something pleasant coming out of people’s mouths these days.

Today was Cassie’s “holiday” party which I actually referred to as her “Christmas” party and that caused a fair amount of banter on my facebook page. I remember being in PA and you absolutely could not use the term Christmas and that always bothered me. Not because of my religious views but rather because it just seemed over the top and catering to the minority.

However, on the other side – I don’t get upset if people choose to use “happy holidays” because there ARE more holidays being celebrated this month than just Christmas. As I write this, my Jewish friends have just begun celebrating HanukkahΒ and to them I say “chag Chanukah sameach” or Happy Hanukkah, and on December 26th, the celebration of Kwanzaa begins.

So see, it really is appropriate to wish someone Happy Holidays.
Or Merry Christmas
Or Happy Hanukkah
Or Happy Kwanzaa

In the spirit of all of them, let’s just remember that he important thing is that you just spread your joy and pleasantness.