Being a Teen is Tough in GOOD Times…Helping Your Teen During Traumatic Times

This week, Kari O’Driscoll joins me and we discuss how parents and educators can help teens better deal with traumatic events such as COVID19. Kari addresses important things that parents need to keep in mind such as:

  • The flight, fight, freeze part of a teenager’s brain is more than 3x the size of an adults
  • That teens lack critical thinking skills at this age in order to be “logical” about events and that’s where a lot of the ‘drama’ comes from
  • The loss of friends, school being online, busy schedules came to a screeching halt, and that there’s no real end in sight has a huge impact on them
  • GenZ has lived with collective trauma their entire lives
  • All of our nervous systems weren’t designed to be on overdrive this long

Tune in to hear all of these points and more and be sure to check out Kari’s books and follow her on social media with the links below!

Helping Your Teen During Traumatic Times

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