Oh how I love to garden. Appropriately enough, the Rooster tends to the vegetables and I tend to the floral. He usually does a great job at it but the past couple of seasons, the weeds have gotten the better of him and this year, it was the rain. Let me tell you that there is nothing more frustrating than going thru the process and trouble of creating a garden only to never see anything come from it. I mean – it takes long enough to receive the bounty of your efforts, but to get nothing??

But that’s what a garden is to me. When we tossed out this idea, each of us had a different interpretation of “how does your garden grow”… for one it was her kitchen, another it was a child. So, we ask you…

How Does YOUR Garden Grow?

Since I’m in the literal definition of this week’s LOBS, I thought I’d share some gardening posts with you that I cherry picked from the last party!

DIY Garden Ball – How much did I love THIS DIY project? And to think it all started with a $1 investment from Goodwill! Bonus! This project comes to you from Tracey over at We Made That!

City Girl on Hicks Farm – My friend Amber recently got married to Farmer Mike and her wedding was complete with a tractor and everything. She’s recently stepped back on her busy schedule and is now a SAHM with her tween daughter and has resurrected her blog. Y’all go over and give her some blog love and read about her life as the wife of a farmer!

Camp Wander – This is actually where I discovered how to get rid of using harmful chemicals like RoundUp by using natural products like vinegar and salt to get rid of weeds. Trust me when I say that this recipe works BETTER on weeds and you can feel confident that your pets and kids won’t croak because you need to kill weeds.

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