Watching TV on YOUR Terms

Every so often, you’ll see a question pop up in your Facebook stream that looks something like this –

“I’m thinking about cutting the cable in my house. For those of you who have done it, what’s been your experience and how do you watch the shows you want to? Do you have any regrets?” How to Cut the Cable Cord

In this house, cutting out cable was something we had always talked about doing but never actually did. But last summer, I finally did it. No one – and I mean NO ONE in our house watched TV in the traditional sense. 95% of the viewing we did was streaming and the other 5% was nothing so important that it would be missed. So with a couple of phone calls to DirecTV and Time Warner (don’t ask why we had TWO cable providers), we went from 5 million channels to about 30 and the only reason I kept even 30 is that it cost me no more than my internet service.  Plus I do want to see some programming like local news and when my Cowboys play.

I had no problems with it – as a matter of fact, I never turned the TV in my bedroom on until I finally moved my Roku up there so I could watch my shows on something larger than my iPad or Macbook. Occasionally one of the girls will complain but even that’s rare.

Streaming Is Killing Traditional Cable TV

With so many different options to watch the shows you want and with so many companies like Netflix, Roku, Amazon Prime and more creating exclusive programming, there really isn’t any reason to pay the massive monthly fee to your local cable company. Even if you subscribed to those three plus a couple more, I’d be hard pressed to think you’d even come close to the $100+ cable bill. If you’re a fan of network shows and HAVE to see them in real-time, maybe?? But how many of those shows do you DVR and watch them later? Probably a lot. If that’s how you view your shows then guess what?

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You can cut the cable because you’re already watching TV on your own terms. 

How to Cut the Cable Cord

Summer’s Here and the View(ing) is Right

Is there anything better than the laid back nature of summer? No more fighting kids to get up and ready for school. No more long nights of homework. It’s also the perfect time to catch up on shows you may have missed during the school year or dig into new releases of old favorites. Yes, I know we should be outside enjoying the beautiful weather, but if you live in the South like I do, at some point it’s going to 90º with 80% humidity and no one wants to be in that.

I love, love, love, to curl up in bed with the air down low and binge my summer shows. Lucky me my top two shows are premiering in the next two weeks – House of Cards on May 30th and Orange is the New Black on June 9th.  And I get to choose when I watch them and how many of them I watch at one time. Maybe I’ll watch 3 a night. Maybe one a night. Maybe one a week and draw it out. I have friends that will watch the ENTIRE season in one sitting – personally I can’t do that but again – it’s watching on your terms and not the networks.

Isn’t it time you took control of your remote control? Go ahead – cut the cable cord. I promise you won’t regret it and you can spend that extra cash on your favorite wine or ice cream and make viewing time. “you”-ing time 😉

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