Oh my God, who isn’t stressed to the nth degree right now? Places to be, gifts to buy (when did it become MY responsibility to buy even my own gifts?!), gifts How to get rid of christmas stressto wrap (I draw the line at wrapping my own gifts), cookies to bake, houses to decorate…

Stop the madness!!!

This year, I said no more and instead of adding things to my to-do list, I took some off and let me tell you, I don’t feel one bit of guilt.

  1. No Christmas Cards – Seriously… I either order them and forget to send them out or I order them and get them out late. So this year, I’m not even wasting my time or my money. And really… what picture am I going to put on there that most people haven’t seen either here on the blog or on my Facebook page?
  2. No Christmas Baking – One of the worst things about this past year is the fact that midlife showed up large and in charge (with an emphasis on large) so the last thing I need to do is stuff my face with a bunch of haystacks, chocolate dipped pretzels and slut brownies. Plus all 3 girls got braces and I’m not messing with that.
  3. No Big Christmas Dinner – The Rooster’s brother and his family moved away this fall and my mom has her own place to go, so it’s just the 5 of us and the in-laws. I actually was petitioning for NO Christmas dinner but I got the side-eye from the Rooster for that one. Not sure what he’s cooking but I know it’ll be as great as always and we won’t have to all sit at different tables.
  4. No More Gingerbread House Party – This one really hurt to let go of because for 10 years, we had the BEST time doing this. We had 20-30 kids decorating gingerbread houses.. it was wild and sugar-filled and so much fun but it was a HUGE amount of work. Add to that the Rooster is going to be out-of-town a lot this month and it was time to let go.
  5. I Got MY Tree! – The first 2 years Mackenzie was alive, we had a themed tree. The first year it was pink (naturally!) and then it was navy blue and silver. That was also the year that the Rooster asked if “we were going to be changing colors every year” and I got the hint. For the next 14 Christmases, we had the “family” tree which consisted of all the family ornaments that we had been given throughout the years. It was also covered in bright, colorful lights which I adored but I was ready for a change, an “adult” tree as I call it. And might I say, it’s absolutely beautiful and I am already debating on what the theme is going to be next year. Also, do you decorate your office or workplace at Christmas time? If so, getting a gorgeous Christmas tree is essential! Which reminds me, one of my friends owns a large office, and she told me that you can get festive tree hire for your workplace from phs Greenleaf. Take a look and be sure to let me know how you will be decorating your workplace this year! I love to get inspiration for my own festive displays.

Like I said… I’m pretty happy to have lightened my load!!