Who’s Zooming Who?How to Not Suck at Video with Blanca Cobb

This week I’m talking again with international body language mega star Blanca Cobb and we’re going to talk about something that she is very adept at, and that is how to not suck on video. Especially right now –  everyone is doing video, video, video, whether you’re zooming, whether you’re Instagramming, whether you’re doing it for fun or for work, and a lot of you really suck at it. And Blanca is going to help you not suck so bad. 

Here’s an excerpt from the episode but be sure to listen to the full recording because she has some great tips to help anyone amp up their video recordings!

So many people do not look good on video right now.

So these entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, these executives, business managers, whoever speaks to other people in the business world. And that’s pretty much everybody, right? So the question is, how do you come across? Because one thing that I am noticing now that everything is virtual – so there’s no face to face. But everything is online now – like you were talking about zoom calls. So people are having like, virtual town halls because there are no conferences. No one is traveling or they’re people who are on Instagram like we said, because they’re talking about their services and where they’re talking about their product.

The problem is they don’t know what they’re doing and they’re coming across as a train wreck. And you might think that’s funny, but do you think of the damage of train wrecks? That’s no different than what’s gonna happen to your brand after business goes back to normal, whatever that’s going to look like.

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