For the nomination.. I mentioned earlier this week that I was floored and thrilled when I found out I (or rather this blog) was a finalist for Best Local Blog in a “competition” that Triad Moms on Main run every year.

I’m not just trying to be humble when I say that I’m honored to just be nominated. I’m dead on serious. I’ve only just recently put some serious effort into getting this site resuscitated and in the 4 weeks since I have, I’ve been amazed and honored to have TWO of my posts featured on BlogHer and now this. I’ll never win and I’m totally okay with that because again, just to be nominated is enough for me. I’m not a pessimist by any means but knowing 3 of the other blogs that I’m up against it’s a longshot believe me. (there are actually 6 finalists but one is run by a local news channel and the other is a posting forum for a group of moms that I haven’t looked at in over 6 years)

I thought I’d take time today to tell you about the 3 that I do know and absolutely love. Make sure you check them out if you haven’t already.

Southern Fried Children – I was introduced to Kelly Hines last summer when she was a guest writer for Triad Moms on Main. Since then, I have had the honor to get to know her better and am currently working with her and TMOM to organize a Gala (!) to benefit our local Dress for Success. Her writing will make you LLOL (literally laugh out loud). She’s brutally honest, loves to drop an F-Bomb and takes no prisoners. You’ll love her — add her to your blogroll. Now.

Smitty’s Notes – If you live in the Triad area and haven’t heard of Jeff Smith aka Smitty, you’ve obviously been living under a rock. Smitty’s Notes is the life line for all things Winston-Salem. He started the site in 1997 as a way for locals to get information on what’s going on in the community. His following is huge, he’s won countless awards and is a generous individual both in and out of the public eye. In my opinion, he’s done more for our town than any city official I’ve ever seen. I’ve had the good fortune to work with Jeff a couple of times and even managed to scoop him once on a local story 😉

Moola Saving Mom – Jessie is living the dream in my eyes. Jessie is an extreme couponer (but not one of those crazy ones) who started her site just over a year ago for no other reason than to share her information with others who wanted to save money while they shopped. In the past 8 months, her site has EXPLODED with people who have come to rely on her for her amazing ability at making coupons work for you. Another key to her success, in my opinion, is her commitment to social media. Jessie had an ace in her pocket on that one with her Dad cheering and coaching her on. Her dad, Teddy is a friend of mine which was how Jessie first came on my radar. Make sure you check her site out especially if you like saving money and who doesn’t like that?

So there you have it.. those are the 3 that I hold in very high regard and as I said, they’re serious “competition”.

Happy Saturday!

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