Forget giving a mom a cookie, give a mom the Presidency – then watch what happens.

put a mom in the oval office

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She’d have the deficit under control in less than a year. Clipping coupons, stretching dollars and saying “no” to unnecessary expenses are things we excel at. You want how much to buy what? Excuse me, but you have an allowance.. if you want something big, you need to save for it.

Fighting amongst countries would cease. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all and if you don’t stop fighting, you’ll spend the night in your room. Nothing good ever comes from fighting and everyone knows that if you’re fighting THAT much, it just means you love each other deep down inside.

House and Senate would reach across the aisle and work together. Because until the two of you can get along, no one is going anywhere. We’re a family and if there’s conflict, we’re going to work through it. And yes – I see you flipping the bird.

Unemployment rates would go down. Because every mom knows that everyone wants to help and no one is too good for any job and if you think that, you will certainly be proven wrong.Bail-outs would stop. You made this mess, you need to figure out how to fix it and learn from your mistakes. Do you think if I suddenly screw up our finances and can’t pay our bills

there will be someone to come in and save the day?Everyone would have some form of healthcare. Moms know that everyone deserves a band-aid, a hug, a shoulder to cry on and someone to bring them soup when they’re sick.

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It wouldn’t matter who gets married. Moms just care that you love someone who will love you back and keep you safe. One of the most poignant encounters I ever had on this topic was a homeless man in Chicago who told me… “You can’t determine who you’re going to love – that’s up to God to decide”. And he was right.

Which brings me to…

Everyone would have a home. It may be humble, it may be grand but there is no place like home and everyone deserves to have a roof over their head. It’s not right that in this country of abundance that anyone – especially a child – should ever have to worry about whether or not they’re going to have a place to sleep at night.

Social Security would always be around. Respect your elders. They worked hard to get you where you are and they deserve to have you work hard to help them when they need it. Especially with the hit most of them (us) took on retirement plans.

No child left behind would mean just that. Don’t forget your kid when you leave and don’t try to leave them at the store when they’re a pain. The cops don’t like that. As for education – let the teachers teach. Reign in the crazy pay scale of athletes and other entertainers and distribute it to those who truly have an impact on our kids and their future.

So, as we sit here and debate over which of the men should take over the office, I think we all need to realize that if we want to get things straight, put a mom in the Oval Office.

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