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mackenzie and donovan mcnabb

Mackenzie and Donovan McNabb

The Rooster is a die-hard Eagles fan. I honestly think the man bleeds green. He was in his element when we lived outside of Philadelphia. He was surrounded by all things Eagles. All things Philly Sports, really. When we made the move to NC, the only thing that the Rooster asked for was the NFL Sunday ticket so he could continue watching his beloved Eagles and I was okay with that. Every month when that Directv bill comes, it hurts just a little but I know how important it is to him so I sigh and I pay it.

Our time up there was during the reign of Donovan McNabb. He of the Chunky Soup, was always a class act even if he couldn’t bring home the big win. I swear to you, the highlight of the Rooster’s life were the two times that he managed to win (well, I managed to win) a chance to meet Sir Donovan. One year he took our neighbor Kurt, the next year he took Mackenzie. No offense to Kurt but Mackenzie definitely took center stage when she was there. Even scoring some major air time on the news since she Donovan’s right hand wrapping helper.

We lived in a condo community 5 of the 7 years that we were there and those football seasons were some of our favorite times with our neighbors. Who needed to be downtown tailgating when you could do it in the comfort of your own neighborhood? Every weekend, we had our own neighborhood tailgate party. Each family took turns “hosting” and hosting meant you provided the main course while the others brought everything else. We’re not talking burgers and dogs – the main course would vary from ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chili and more. There were large amounts of adult beverages consumed but since we could all walk in and out of our houses, it was all good. I’ll admit, there were a few times I felt like I lived in an adult frat community because of course – the moms were still the ones holding down the fort – but all in all a lot of good memories were made.

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The Eagles were notorious for almost winning the big game but it just never happened. I watched grown men cry as time and time again, the Eagles failed to take care of business and then had to deal with a couple of weeks of mourning.


Our tailgating every weekend stopped once we moved down here and was reserved for the one big event of the year when we would have our pig roast and now even that is a thing of the past. So we try to make each Sunday a family day and have our own mini-tailgate event. The food isn’t always healthy – but hey, it’s one day a week right? But it’s one of those that I lump into the “making memories” pile.

Someday when they’re all gone and living their own lives, my hope is that when football Sunday rolls around, they’ll remember the days at home when Dad would pace frantically up and down the living room willing the Eagles to make the right run. I’m sure they’ll laugh remembering how crazy he would get at a victorious win and I know that they’ll all be Eagles fans for the same reason that I’m a Cowboys fan.. because that’s what their Daddy was. I hope that they’ll find a partner who’s as understanding of that loyalty as their dad is to me (hullllo?? Eagles and Cowboys???) because it’s something that ties Dads and Daughters together.

So, today another season begins and we’ll kick it off in our usual style.. grilling out and hanging out as a family. Eventually, the girls will grow tired of watching the game(s) but I have no doubt it will be another etching in their memory.

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