One of the things that I quickly noticed as I buckled down and got serious with this blog is that I couldn’t find communities or sites that focused on what mattered to me – teens and tweens.

Like many, when I started my blog my girls were of the normal age that mom blog sites catered to – babies and toddlers. But as they grew older, their needs and my needs changed. I no longer need to know abou

Friends, I give you Ten to Twenty Parenting. The site is intended to provide a community for those of us raising kids between the ages of 10 – 20 which can often feel like a heady jail sentence for we parents. t the particular habits of a two year old and sleeping thru the night is hardly an issue (but sleeping thru the day is!). The more I looked for a site that wasn’t cluttered with the 0-8 year old subject, the more frustrated I got that there simply was nothing there. So, typical of my personality I decided to launch the very community that I felt was missing.


Get the play on words now?

My hope is that it will grow and that all the wonderful writers (and even those who don’t write) will contribute their stories, ask their questions, talk about what works and what doesn’t, give the 411 on the latest and greatest gadgets and anything else they want to talk about. I would also like to see the kids jump in and offer their two cents worth. Heaven knows they do it on a regular basis at home!

I love the sites such as Blogher, Mom Bloggers Club and CafeMom and am an active member of each. and I will continue to be an active member because the writing is amazing and the members plentiful. This forum is in no ways intended to be an a dig on them.

I would love to have each of you join me there and share your stories. I would appreciate you telling others about the site. The quicker the group grows, the quicker the content will grow and the better the resource will become.

To those who have already joined – thank you! I’m very excited at the potential of the site but can’t do it without you.

I welcome any and all feedback.. what works, what doesn’t. What groups would you like to see added (you can add them, too)? What topics should be up for discussion?

I look forward to seeing you at Ten to Twenty Parenting!

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