Link Up Your Fall Posts!

This will probably come as NO surprise to anyone, but I am totally Team Fall. I love the colors (hello… I’m a redhead!), I love the smells, I love the food, I love the sports. I love the fact that Fall isFall LOBS nature’s way of saying – “you ran hard this summer.. it’s time to relax and savor the moments and relax for a few months”. I love the fact that my crockpot gets used almost half the time with soups, stews, chilis and roasts.

It is the BEST time of the year.

Which is why we are all celebrating Fall not just this week, but for the next few LOBS weeks. We’ll link up your favorite foods, crafts, activities and more. But for today – we’re just wanting you to share whatever it is that you love about Fall! Grab a cup of tea, cider or wine and link up your favorite Fall themed post and while you’re at it – meet some new friends!

Speaking of friends! This week we have a very special friend of all of ours who is co-hosting with us! I’m lucky enough to have Amber from City Girl on Hicks Farm right under my wing where I can keep an eye on her – well as much as one can keep an eye on Amber! Amber is kind of like me with her blog in that she started it a long time ago but just recently has started devoting a lot of time to it. Keep it up girlie.. you’re doing great!!

As always, this blog party is made possible by some friends and fellow bloggers. I love co-hosting with them and we really appreciate the fact that each of you make us part of your blog hop party. Please be sure to visit their sites, follow them on Twitter and like their pages on Facebook. We all will be doing the same for each and every one of you who join the party!!

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Have fun and visit the links below. We ask that you try to visit at least three. Remember to leave a thoughtful comment on the new blogs you’ve discovered and let them know you’re visiting from the Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party! Feel free to pin your blog post to the Ladies Only Blog Share Pinterest board, too! In the URL field, place the link to your post. The name field should contain the title of your post.

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