Remember post-Grease Olivia Newton John? The sweatband, leg warmer wearing version of ONJ who gave some poor schlep a coronary but then resurrected him as one of the Solid Gold dancers? It’s time to get Physical.

I don’t think I have ever noticed such a change in my body as I have this year. Have there been years

time to pay the piperwhen this happened or that happened? Sure. But this year there was a noticeable change in the eyes of the only person that matters… me. I’m not sure when it happened but I suddenly noticed that my body was carrying weight differently.. more in my midsection, less in my arse and holy crap what happened to my boobs? I’ve always sported a decent size rack but this year that rack became something that more resembled a rack of lamb than a va-va-voom one.

Moving past the physical aspect, this was the year that I gave up hoping that my cholesterol and blood pressure would “settle down” and sheepishly took Dr. Ellis’ prescription after she set me straight that no, I couldn’t use my mom & dad & genes as excuses.. this was all me. And this month, I added prescription strength previcid after dealing with scorching heartburn and acid reflux. Mind you, every time I filled one of these I would mutter under my breath “if you would just get off your ass 3 hours a week, you wouldn’t have to take these you know”. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Even when Adrienne and I auditioned for Amazing Race we knew that if we were going to go racing around the world, the first thing we would have to race around was the gym floor to get at least halfway into shape. We haven’t been called and we haven’t raced to the gym.

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But that’s changing tomorrow. She suckered me into convinced me to go to boot camp with her 2 days a week and I said yes. We’re doing it right at the end of our day so it takes away the “when do we fit it in” problem. Doing it with a friend so now we take care of buddy system. And as much as I’m dreading it, I’m really looking forward to it. I’m not expecting overnight miracles because I didn’t get 20 pounds over my preferred weight and 3 prescriptions to my name overnight.

Here’s what I would like to accomplish.. I’d like to drop 10 pounds by the end of the year. I’d like to carve off 10 inches from my bust line (is that possible??). I’d like to get off my meds by my next docs visit and I’d like to enjoy getting there. I figure if I can go to boot camp twice during the week, I can tack on a third day on the weekend doing a walk/run with the kids or the dog or maybe even the Rooster.

I’m not looking to have my pre-kid figure back.. I like the one I have but would love it to be 20 pounds lighter and not have a midsection that looks like I’m 5 months pregnant. I love good food and would like to continue to eat it but I finally got the message that unless I’m willing to put in some time, it’s going to keep catching up to me.

So wish me luck and if you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, it’s because I can’t move my fingers.

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