Wow. It seems like yesterday that I sat in this same chair for what seemed like days (okay, it WAS days) redesigning this site and making the commitment/resolution to myself that in 2012 I would Four Hens Top 10 Posts of 2012devote more time to this site. And for the first time in a long time, I kept that resolution and this site has come a long way because of it. My super awesome reader list has grown, I’m getting comments and I even made a little bit of cash to support my habit.

I am going to post my 2013 goals and commitments soon but thought it would be fun to let you know which posts were the most popular this year. I was surprised by some of them and others, not so much. This is not what Kristen thinks are the best, these are what YOU think were the best and the proof was provided by our friend Google. (I did take the liberty of omitting the ones that were sponsored or review type posts since often there was a give-away attached which skews the numbers).

So in true Letterman countdown, here they are from Number 10 to Number 1.

10. Hey Society – Get Your Opinions Off My Body – Nothing fires me up quicker than reading about body image and how normal sized women are considered “plus-sized”.
9. On Being a Ginger – The funny thing is that anytime I do a post on anything related to “gingers” it’s always popular. Maybe because we’re such a mystery?
8. White Lies, Bluffs and One Direction – Remember when your kids were little and you could get out of doing something by bluffing to them? Yeah.. that doesn’t work so well when they’re teens.
7. 24 – I’ll admit, this may have made it to the list because Google saw all of the Jack Bauer reference(s) but it was my reflection on the 24th consecutive day of writing in 2012. Pretty good reflections, if I do say so myself 🙂
6. Southern Cooking – In the South, if someone has a major event in their lives, we cook. And we cook a LOT. To us, food is a way to show that we care and sometimes words just aren’t enough.
5. 12 Guests of Christmas – My Nightmare Before Christmas – Man, y’all love to hate on that Elf on the Shelf. This Christmas, I did a “12 Guests of Christmas” series and this was the most popular of all the 12.
4. Beyond the Birds and the Bees – The one thing that occupies my mind the most with teen and tween girls is how to keep babies out of the house. In conversations with my parenting peers, I find that a lot of them are not having the conversations about sex. Stop it. Now. Or rather – START it now.
3. Time Heals All Wounds – I wrote this on the 4th anniversary of my dads passing. He passed away in 2008 and while it gets a little easier each year, we still miss him terribly.
2. Social Media Common Sense for Bloggers It didn’t take me long once I got back into writing to notice that there are a LOT of bloggers who either weren’t utilizing social media to promote themselves or were just doing it all wrong. Of course, I had to chime in professionally.

And the number 1 Four Hens post of 2012..

1. A Birthday Message to My 14 Year Old Daughter – I’m honestly surprised this one was the most read post but in a way, not really. I think many parents struggle with the words to say to their kids once they’re teens.

So, that’s what the hard numbers of Google say.. I think I’ll run down MY favorite posts tomorrow. There may be some repeats but not too many.

If I haven’t said it before – thank you for all your support. It’s nice to know that more people than just my mother stop by for a little look-see 🙂