Who Do You Know That Deserves a Prom Makeover?

I am on the lookout for a real life Cinderella. This Cinderella is a high school girl who wants to go to prom so desperately but maybe she can’t afford it.. maybe prom-makeovershe’s too busy with community work or sports that she doesn’t think about herself…or her parents can’t help with buying her the beautiful gown of her dreams and going to the salon is definitely out of the question.

She has a date but she’s too worried about putting it all together to really know she’ll have a good time.

What will our Cinderella get?

A dress from Charlotte’s Closet….


Hair and makeup from Glass Door Salon…





Shoes, jewelry and other accessories from Style Encore…




And by the time I’m done asking… transportation and dinner on the town!!

So here’s what I’m looking for and where I need your help. I would like to give this amazing chance to someone who really deserves it or needs it. Who do you know that fits that bill, lives in Winston and would love to have the full treatment?? Please note that while this will be at no cost to her, she does have to be willing to be featured in video, photos and the blog but it will be all celebration and super fun!!

Email me at Kristen@FourHensAndARooster.com and tell me why your nominee deserves the full Cinderella treatment. I’ll take submissions until March 4th and then select the winner with the help of the other sponsors.

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