I am in hog heaven right now with the Olympic Winter Games on. I love every piece of it and am already in sleep deprivation because I have to watch..just..one..more.. event. It’s not that I don’t like the summer games, it’s just that they’re not the WINTER games.


Growing up with a Grandmother who competed in figure skating competitions until she was in her 60’s, I was always in love with the ice. I skated some myself, and while I went with MawMaw and her team to competitions, I never actually competed myself. When I was 8, I begged my mother for a Dorothy Hamill haircut even when she knew that it would look awful on me with my natural curly hair (she was right). I saw Ice Castles 5 bajillion times and every four years, I would sit with her and watch the fabulousness take place on the ice.

My grandmother has been gone for almost 18 years now but my love for the winter games is still as strong, if not more so. It’s a big deal to me to watch the opening ceremonies and for the following 2 weeks, I watch as much as I can with the family.

The Olympics present so many great opportunities to talk with kids about teamwork, sportsmanship and giving it your all. You can be the greatest athlete in the world but if you have one bad millisecond, your chance for gold could be gone.  Is it all about the medals or is it enough to be there? I mean really – you’re not getting to the Olympics without being the top .05% in the world. There are a lot of tears in the Olympics. Tears of joy, frustration, devastation – the emotions that you see over the span of the games goes from one extreme to the other. Maybe that’s why I love them so much – it’s raw.

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It’s easy to share these lessons during the games, but how do you do the same thing in between the games? I mean, there’s 2 years in between each set (and thank you to whomever made that brilliant decision) and while I love the games, it IS hard to keep the enthusiasm of those lessons going for 2 or even 4 years. Luckily, my friends over at Netflix have plenty of movies to stream that teach kids the value of sports and being a good team player. We have seen most of these movies as a family and each one has the same basic lesson of  do good, work hard, be part of the team and in the end, no matter what, you really are a winner.

Some of the movies for older kids include:

1. The Short Game2. The Kid

3. The Pistol

4. A Mile in His Shoes

5. Winning Favor

6. The Mighty Macs7. Like Mike 2: Streetball

8. Air Bud: World Pup

9. Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch

10. Air Bud Spikes Back

And if you have younger kids, make sure you put these in your stream:

1. Super WHY!: The Tortoise and the Hare

2. Curious George: George Gets a Trophy

3. Bob the Builder: The Bobblesberg Winter Games

4. Angelina Ballerina: In the Wings

5. Caillou: Caillou Gets Active

I wasn’t aware that they had a documentary available exclusively on Netflix that tells the never-before-told history of figure skating. Once the games are over, I guarantee that I’ll be watching that!!

I’d love to hear what your favorite part of the Olympics are and how you and your family watch!

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