Here’s the understatement of the eternity: We are a loud house.

the mother of all meltdowns

Holy Cow! I am part of this book!

I’m talking Bronx-worthy, Jersey-loving, Texas-shoutin’ loud. We were loud from the beginning and we’re louder now so we can be heard over the other loud people. I’m sure my neighbors think we are one biscuit shy of trailer trash.

But here’s why.. we get crap off our chest. If we’re upset over something, you’re going to hear about it. We’ll “discuss” it and then move on. There is no stewing over much in this house. So, like every other family, what may seem dysfunctional to you (I’m looking at you “tell me your feelings” people out there) works for us.

With one exception. Really BIG issues. You know the ones.. the ones that make you pull your head into your shell – like illness, death, money, broken dreams and broken hearts.

Then? We get really, really quiet and go to a place that is hard for anyone to reach.

I can tell when my kids have something really big eating at them when this happens and if my normal antics of getting them to open up and talk don’t work, I have to resort to the ultimate method: Breakdown. Think Hoosiers.. break them down and build them up.

And that’s why, when I was asked earlier this summer by the awesome Crystal Ponti over at Mommifried to be one of 30 contributors to a book she was compiling called The Mother of all Meltdowns, I was thrilled and I was terrified. Writing a blog is one thing, but an entire chapter? I’m ashamed to admit that I was the last one to get my submission in because every story that I started just wasn’t the right one. And then one incident happened that made me realize what my story would be. I am sworn to secrecy, so since I can’t reveal my entire story, here’s a snippet of it…

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But honestly… they were becoming just like their mother…Tough little cookies with a rock solid outside. When people tell you that children learn what they live – believe them. I encourage them to speak their minds and say what they feel but at the same time, I’ve taught them to “never let them see you cry” especially when it comes to dealing with mean girls and bullies. At this point of our lives, meltdowns actually take work on my part. But sometimes, it just has to happen.

I am beyond honored to be part of this sorority of women who have poured their hearts and souls into their stories. There are moms of all types, so there will be at least a few stories that each of us recognize. I imagine we’ll all recognize a little bit of ourselves in ALL the stories.

But the part I love the most – it shows us that we are ALL alike in one way:

We’re all humans doing the best job we can to be the best moms that we can. Maybe this will be a first step in ending the mom against mom wars.

The official release date of the book hasn’t been determined yet but we’re thinking sometime next week. I hope you’ll buy one or a dozen and give them to all the moms giving it their all each and every day! In the meantime, link up with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest!