Earlier this year, I was invited to taste test the then-new Breakfast All Day options that McDonald’s was rolling out. Other local bloggers and our families got to experience having McDonald’s breakfast for dinner!! How awesome is that? This month, a few of us gathered again to try something new — the all new McNugget that McDonald’s has rolled out!! It’s always fun to get together with other bloggers and this was no exception. Joining me and Cassie were Jason and Melanie of It Happens in a Blink along with their daughter and triplet boys (did I mention that there were TWO sets of triplets at this event?! Totally adorbs.) and Deana from The Frugal Homeschooling Mom with her daughter and mom (who just happened to be in from out-of-town.. how lucky was she?!)

McDonald's New Chicken McNugget

Photo courtesy of Sam

There were times when my girls were little littles that they would ONLY eat the McNugget Happy Meal and if you’ll remember those days, all you wanted was for them to be happy. I consider myself VERY fortunate to have completed the bulk of my child rearing (man that sounds so country…) before the extra guilt of making sure everything that went into their bodies was organic, free of this and free of that. Not saying I poisoned my kids but I didn’t flip out when they wanted to eat a Kids Cuisine over kale.

But, times have changed and people ARE much more conscious of what’s going into their bodies and their kid’s bodies and we should be. It’s also become a LOT easier and somewhat cheaper to eat healthier than it was even 2 years ago. People are also starting to be more demanding of food providers to either change how they make certain things or add completely new items to their menu selection. Now, McDonald’s has joined the movement and has turned its focus on simplifying the ingredients that they use in their menu offerings and one of those items is their uber-popular McNugget.

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McDonald’s Food Journey

What are some of the changes McDonald’s is making to fulfill their customer’s changing eating habits and requests? Here are just a few:

  • McNuggets have no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors
  • McNuggets are made with 100% white meat chicken
  • They’ve made the commitment to cage-free eggs by 2017
  • 100% pure beef in their hamburgers
  • Upgraded salad greens
  • Sustainably sourced espresso beans

McDonald's healthier options

















But How Do the New McNuggets Taste?!

Right, right… the whole reason we got together was to taste-test the new McNugget. I’ll confess that I’m not the biggest chicken nugget fan in the world but these were really, really tasty. We opted for the straight-up McNugget while some of the others added them to their salads. They had a crisp coating to them and the chicken was moist and tender. Whether you dunk them in ketchup, ranch, barbecue sauce or eat them plain – I promise they will not disappoint. Cassie converted to burgers a couple of years ago but even she thought they were better tasting than in previous years… she may even start mixing it up when she goes to McDonald’s so there you have it!!mcdonalds-new-chicken-mcnuggets-2


Tailgate Season is Right Around the Corner!!

McDonald's New Chicken McNugget


It’s hard to believe that we are just a couple of weeks away from the NFL explosion (unless you count pre-season which we don’t in this house) of games galore. And if you’re a die-hard Panthers fan (or whatever team you pull for cough cough – Cowboys – cough cough) you know that no game is complete without food – especially if you’re officially tailgating. If you’re running short on time or just have no interest in making a full rack of ribs, hit your closest McDonald’s and pick up their 50-piece tailgate box of McNuggets!

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Feeling the urge to let the world know how much you love the Panthers? You have until September 10th to make a short video telling McDonald’s how excited you are for football and tailgating season, then tag them on Twitter with @McD_Triad and #McDTriadTailgate. What’s in it for you? You could win their ultimate tailgate feast: 50-piece Chicken McNuggets, 4 biscuits, and a gallon of their famous Sweet Tea!! Keep it simple and short.. wear your Panthers garb and make it memorable!!

Have you tried the new chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s yet? Are you happy to hear about the changes that they’re making? Love to hear your thoughts!!