Ah… the end of summer is upon us. We’ve survived for the most part and have spent the past 2 weeks preparing, buying supplies and new clothes to start the year. This week we had two different mean girls come from mean momsback to school nights which went just fine until I came face to face with the little witchy mean girls that go to the middle school.

If you’re new around here, I’ll fill you in. With rare exception, I have never liked a single parent from my oldest’s class.

Hardly a single one of them.

I have tried. I have given them all so many chances to prove that they are not two-faced and they fail every single time. They are void of personality. Their teeth are luminescent and their Lilly Pulitizer gaudy (yes, I realize that gaudy Lilly is an oxymoron). I really wish they would scowl like I know they want to instead of running through the halls of the school with that clenched jaw “smile”. Better yet – I wish they would just go to yoga, tennis, knitting club or whatever it is they do when they aren’t trying to convince themselves that their lives are perfect.

But do you know what I hate the most?

The fact that their kids are just like them. Mean girls come from mean moms. The only difference is the kids haven’t gotten to the point where they’re fake about it. If they think you’re beneath them (newsflash – you are. Even their parents are), they’ll just flat out ignore you. Even if they’re standing nose to nose with you.

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Every year, like their parents, I try to get off to a good start with the little bitc ones and just like their parents – every year they disappoint. There’s one girl in particular who REALLY disappoints me because she used to be one of my favorite kid friends. The fact that she has become a mean girl is just a shame. We saw her at the elementary school tonight and I was standing 2 feet from her.. she was doing her best job to avoid eye contact which of course made me more smiley to see her. Finally she realized she wasn’t winning and gave me a sheepish smile to which I went WAY over the top with “it’s so great to see you!!”. I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist.

Uhuh. Mama doesn’t play your game. Their parents may not think they need to teach their kids manners or how to act like civil human beings but it doesn’t mean that I have to take it.

She’s part of a group of 4 girls who have crowned themselves the mean girls. They probably use the terms “popular” or “rulers” but we all know what they really are. They’re no different than the ones that you and I grew up with. They flip their hair bouncing down the hall, giggling at the guys who are too clueless to see past their snark. The tell girls who can and can’t be friends and if you are friends with so and so, we won’t like you. They play some crazy lunchroom roulette, make fun of the girls who don’t wear the labels they wear or whose parents don’t drive luxury sedans.

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Same crap, different year, different generation.

I talk to my girls ALL the time on how to deal with people who try to intimidate. Ignore them, you’re better than them, they do it because they’re insecure. I try to explain to them that these are the kids of parents who parent by money. They can’t be there, so they throw money at the problem. Unfortunately, the “problem” they’re throwing money at is their child.

But it doesn’t matter what I tell the girls or any kids that have to deal with bullies. These kids are nasty and they like to make other people miserable. It’s hard for kids to ignore them when all they want to do is push back or even worse – fall prey to their threats. As parents the biggest thing we can do is roll-play and help arm our kids with self confidence and just keep reminding them that these kids are nothing more than a blip in their lives. But at the same time – we keep a very close eye on all that happens and when it’s time to strike – you better believe I will strike hard and fast.

Oh and by the way, folks… just remember – when I’m around, I’m taking notes. Always looking for good material 😉


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