Yesterday, I gave you the top 10 posts of 2012 according to what the Google analytics said were the top 10 four hens posts according to Kristen Daukasmost read. Today, I’m giving you my 10 favorite posts of the year. Some of the ones that were in yesterday’s post I really liked but figured I had enough material to work with to offer you different ones.

Here, in no particular order, are my favorite posts of 2012:

  • An Obsession With Boobs – Any woman who has produced a couple of kids will tell you that sagging boobs are no laughing matter. Finding the perfect bra to get the girls back just a little closer to the Northern vicinity is an ongoing challenge.
  • Kids Who Sell Stuff.. And People Who Don’t Buy – This was one of my first posts that was featured on BlogHer and man oh man did I take some flack for it. There are obviously a lot of people out there who can’t handle my tongue-in-cheek humor.
  • Friends Through Thick or Thin – Do you have those friendships that have just run their course? People who just suck the life out of you? This is the post about them and when it’s time to cut your ties.
  • Dropping the F-Bomb – This was the year that I discovered my kids not only know some colorful words but they also like to use them.
  • Money and the Recession – Kids have expensive tastes and unrealistic expectations. With the economy the way it’s been, when do you let them know that things are tough? Or do you struggle thru it to give them what they want?
  • Mean Girls Come From Mean Moms – It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of a lot of the parents at our school (they probably share that sentiment) but I’ve definitely noticed that the worst mean girl offenders just “happen” to be daughters of a lot of those same parents. Coincidence? I think not.
  • Sometimes You Just Have to be a Mama Bear – Again with the mean girls. We had some struggles early in the year with some pretty wicked ones. I stood by long enough until the day it involved physical threats and that’s when I roared.
  • A Note to My Kids on Social Media – The kids claim their parents embarrass them on social media sites and while I’ve seen some moms that have done it, I’m more concerned about what mine will do to ME. Here are the rules for MY social media road.
  • If You Give a Mom the Presidency – I’m hoping for a run by Hillary in 2016 because man will she rock the house. Nothing against the men-folk, but I think a woman/mom would bring a lot of needed things to the White House.
  • Presidential Debates: A House Divided – Man what a nasty election this year and I’m not just talking about the candidates. By November, I had shut down a lot of my friend’s feeds on Facebook because it had gotten so nasty.

If you missed any of these, I’d love if you take some time on this last Sunday of 2012 and check them out. I’ve got my 2013 Blog Resolutions ready to go tomorrow. All I can say is that I promise it will be a banner year.


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