Do you remember the word association game? For instance, if I say “coffee” what’s the first thing you think of? For me, it’s a cup with steam rolling off of it. So if I said the word “pawn shop”, what is your immediate reaction? For some, it could be a place where you go to sell your stuff (or get a loan), and for some, it’s a place to go shopping for cheap(er) things like instruments and jewelry. But did you know that at National Pawn, you can buy brand new things as well? It’s true and I’ll fill you in on that later!

With 16 locations across the state, National Pawn is on a mission to change how people perceive pawn shops and are doing a great job at it. Whether you’re looking for a short-term loan or want to outright sell your items, they are committed to offering the best price over any other place as well as give back to the community they serve. Owner, Bob Moulton, has been recognized across the state for his philanthropy; having given many hundreds of musical instruments to middle school band programs every year. Interesting fact – National Pawn will buy band instruments but will not sell them as part of the program to donate to the band program!

When I visited the location in Greensboro I spent the time with the General Manager, David Johnson. David explained to me what makes National Pawn different from other pawn shops and showed me the huge variety of items that they buy and sell. The staff was super friendly as I watched them interact with a constant stream of customers. In the time I was there, people came in with everything from power tools to jewelry to computers and each customer left happy and well taken care of.

As you may guess, the most common thing that people sell is jewelry, with electronics coming in 2nd. But did you know you can also buy and sell tools? How about air conditioners? I had no idea!

All throughout the store, there was surprise after surprise at the wide variety of things for sale. Stunning pieces of jewelry and designer handbags… tennis shoes… beautiful guitars and of course – every size of TV you could imagine. They offer a lay away program for those who need a little time to pay things off – 10% down on jewelry with 10 months to pay off the balance and everything else it’s just 20% down with 6 months to pay.


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But the one thing that surprised me more than anything was the fact that they sell NEW, high-end, designer bags! From Kate Spade to Coach to Dooney & Bourke, you can satisfy your purse fetish for around half the cost you would normally pay! This beautiful, full-sized Coach bag (which may or may not currently be in my possession 😉 ) has an original tag of $350 but they’re selling for $165! How can you beat that?!

When was the last time you checked out your local pawn shop? If it’s been a long time or maybe you’ve never been to one at all, it’s time to check one out. You can find a list of National Pawn locations on their site as well as more information on their community involvement and other important updates.

Thanks again to David and his staff for taking the time to talk to me and giving me the history and lessons on today’s modern pawn shop! You can find National Pawn online, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram!