Netflix Has the TV Shows You Need… Trust Me!

The Rooster and I are always late to the game when it comes to THE show of the year on TV. I think the only exception to this is 24 and even that, we missed watching mommy showsthe first season and started on season 2. The following conversation has happened in our house no less than 20 times:

Me: We should watch ‘such and such’ show. I’ve heard it’s REALLY amazing. (note ‘such and such’ show has included: Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Dexter, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black just to name a few)

Rooster: We already watch enough TV. I don’t want to get roped into anything new.

Me: But we watch STUPID TV. We turn on channel 2 to watch Jeopardy and it gets stuck there. We don’t pay any attention to it. And you name me one show that if we missed – other than the Good Wife – that we’d be upset.

Rooster: If you want to watch something, that’s fine but I’m not going to.

Me: Fine. Whatever. (ahhh the kiss of death in any house) I’ll just watch it our room.

No joke, I had to trick him into watching Breaking Bad. I told him that I was watching it and that I’d best not catch him looking at the TV because “you’re not interested”.  The pilot ended and I asked if he was up for the 2nd episode and thus began our binge watching of the greatest show of all time.

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There are so many great shows out there that it is almost impossible to watch them all at the same time. And right on queue, that’s where Netflix is and always has been, my Series Savior.

My binge watching started four summers ago when I decided that I wanted to be part of the Botwin Buzz and therefore, would need to watch all four seasons before the start of season 5. (Unfortunately, I had to video store binge watch this series.. it was before Netflix had it!) It did not take long for me to get sucked into the land of Nancy Botwin and her trials and tribulations of being a (not so) small time pot dealer.

The kids would show up at my bedroom door (that was shut of course – I do have some standards..) and ask me from the hall.. “Mommy… are you going to watch this show ALL day??”

Yes!! Why, yes. I am. Remember all those days you made me watch Blues Clues until I wanted to kill our OWN mailman??? This is your payback, kids. Mommy has her OWN special shows.

No big surprise, we are already behind on the next hot show, Orange is the New Black. I asked the Rooster at the beginning of the first season if he wanted to watch and what do you think happened? Yep. That conversation above happened. There was no convincing him until he was out with some poker buddies one night and one of them just happened to mention to him that there may be some… ahem… girl on girl action. Guess what’s next on the list? You guessed it. Hey… whatever works, right?

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Netflix has such an awesome library of series, that if you’re lacking in things to watch lack no more!! Some of the hot, hot, hot ones are:

1. Orange Is the New Black
2. Scandal
3. Pretty Little Liars
4. Sherlock
5. Breaking Bad
6. Parenthood

And if you can’t get enough of those, they’ve loaded up some of the older ones – my girl Nancy included!

1. Weeds
2. Call the Midwife
3. Freaks and Geeks
4. Shameless
5. Top of the Lake

Now that it’s summer, I can guarantee that we’ll be picking up a few more of the TV shows that everyone else has watched and we haven’t. But thanks to Netflix, no one has to know this but me 😉

I’d love to hear what you’re watching right now and what I may have missed and need to add to my list!!



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