I was down at Myrtle Beach for business and Adrienne had to make an emergency jewelry run to Belk. Mackenzie has her first dance next weekend and we need to go dress shopping. Ade and I finished what we were doing and on the way out, I spotted this little number… When I texted it over to Mackenzie, she wasn’t amused. Said she said is she wore “that”, she’d look like a giant disco ball.

the disco dressThen she elaborated that she wanted a strapless dress to which I felt the need to tell her that no, you don’t. How many of us have worn a strapless dress only to tug and pull at it all night long?? I doubt she has a strapless bra either – she probably hasn’t even thought of that. She was relieved when I told her that I had no intention of buying her dress without her though. I’m crazy but I’m not masochistic.

Am I stealing her thunder on this one? Regardless, guess what I get to do tomorrow? Yep… go to the mall and go shopping for dresses.

For my baby’s first dance.


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