This post was a lot better in my head but as I started digging around YouTube for stupid, funny videos I realized they were either not funny, too stupid or NFSW. So you have these two. The first one is worth 5 of them, trust me. nacho-friend

We’re at the 10th day of the year and so far, I’ve stuck to my “post every day” regimen. I’ve created a relatively loose schedule to help me stick to this and thought that I’d let you in on it so you wouldn’t be all “why is she doing this”. (Although, if you know me, explaining why I do anything is not one of my strong suits.) Plus you can figure out which days to be sure to stop by (every day, duh.) and it keeps me from talking about one topic too much.

The Loosely Defined Schedule:

  • Monday – Parenting topic
  • Tuesday – Tech, social media and blogging related topics
  • Wednesday – Wordless Wednesday.. I love WW and who knows, maybe one day I’ll actually accomplish the “wordless” part of it.
  • Thursday – Life.. so in other words.. whatever random things are floating thru my head.
  • Friday – Consider this the list or DIY day.. sometimes it will be the Five on Friday.. sometimes I’ll link up with Michelle for Foodie Friday and other times it may be a DIY project.
  • Saturday – I’m still thinking of a name for it.. right now it’s Oh Snap! Saturday but essentially it’s the day for rounding up the awesome stuff I’ve read or seen on the interwebz this week.
  • Sunday – Take 2.. I’m sharing old posts that many haven’t seen from 2 years ago and I’m trying to get the exact same date – no matter what the post may be. So if it’s a topic that sounds old, it very well could be.
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That’s it in a nutshell… I promise you won’t even notice a theme. Without further ado.. here are the 2 lone videos for this week. But hey.. I did you a solid yesterday with videos, so your brain needs a break.


I am nacho friend.

You know when your kids tell you a stupid joke that’s so bad that it’s funny?