The REAL Meaning Behind Closing Time – I know what this song means to me so I was a little blown away to find out how close MY interpretation was to HIS! For me, I was pregnant with my first girl and while I wasn’t trying to move her out of my womb, I knew that I was closing the chapter on one part of my life and opening the door to a brand new, wild and beautiful one called motherhood.  If you haven’t seen this, do yourself a favor and watch it.

What the Duck?! No more duck face?!




Have you heard the news? The duck face is so last year. What’s replacing it? The faux surprise face. As in “oh my God, she said what?!” or in my case “you expect me to believe that’s where you were?”. Apparently there are a lot of cosmetic advantages to it.. like makes your face look skinnier, etc. Not sure if I’m buying it but I can promise you this, you won’t see me like this very often.






You Need to Up Your Costume Game: I don’t watch pageants.. never have.. just not a fan. But seeing this come across my Facebook stream (thank you Erika!!!) makes me regret that decision just a little. Make sure you read the captions and please come back and tell me which is your favorite.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 2.36.49 PM









Complete Shameless Plug – A lot of my blogging buddies are old hat at being published on Huffington Post but this week was my FIRST time!! The awesomer part (yes, awesomer is a word) is that from the time I applied to the time it was posted was like 2 days!! Of course, this was my 2nd time in applying but as I like to say, why let details ruin a good story.

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I’m off to hibernate over this rainy, cold weekend. Hoping to get some good soup made and catch up on Sons of Anarchy!!